Are you tempted to be a restaurant chef?

Are you tempted to be a restaurant chef?

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Passionate about cooking, crazy about good food, a lover of challenge: the new Ikea concept is made for you! An ephemeral restaurant, in the heart of Paris, giving food lovers a chance to become chef of their restaurant for an evening.

How does the dream of becoming a chef come true?

From June 7 to 25, 2016, Ikea opens rue de Turbigo in Paris, a restaurant that allows you to become the chef of this place for an evening.

Chef selection: how does it work?

If you want to try the adventure and put your fairy fingers of the kitchen at the service of others, you must submit an online application between May 13 and 25. 24 budding chefs will be selected and voted on by internet users to be among the 15 privileged members of the Krogen restaurant adventure. The icing on the cake: the lucky ones will be able to lead a professional kitchen brigade in order to carry out their service.

We keep the wooden crates to store the potatoes

What are we eating ?

Each amateur chef will offer his menu to 30 guests, who will have been able to reserve their seats online. All meals will therefore be unique and will use an ingredient from our favorite Swedish grocery store. The suspense will be maintained until the end, since no guest will know by whom and what will make up his meal (starter + main course + dessert).

The trolley: perfect for having everything on hand during the meal

A unique and charitable dining experience

To participate in the Krogen experience: dare to become the chef you have always dreamed of or become an exceptional guest. As a customer, the meal will cost you only € 10 (reserve your meal here): let's go! All of the proceeds from this experience will be donated to Secours populaire français, all the more reason not to miss this opportunity.

Glass jars and containers to keep vegetables fresh No longer hesitating, you have to go in front of or behind the stoves. You will have 3 weeks to participate in the adventure of this ephemeral restaurant.