Wood in the living room… And in all its forms!

Wood in the living room… And in all its forms!

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Wood, this warm material ... And so different! Its color, its robustness, its nobility, without forgetting all the colors with which it can be coated, and all the forms it can have ... This material is a real chameleon: chic, rustic, design, friendly, wood has this of magic that it is what one makes of it. So what do we do ?

Clean and Scandinavian

Unsurprisingly, one cannot evoke wood without thinking of Scandinavian decoration which flourishes in all decoration shops. The base ? Light wood, finesse, clean lines. A minimalist simplicity that plays on the contrast of colors and materials, without frills. To note the big constraint of this style of furnishing: it is necessary to be ordered. If you're the type to clutter, accumulate, leave lying around, the simplicity of Scandinavian design will lose its luster: we won't see it.

© Maisons du Monde Scandinavian decor: light wood, soft colors and finesse


There are countless slideshows that celebrate the diversion of pallets to make all kinds of furniture: a coffee table, shelves, a shoe cabinet, the structure of a bench, a TV cabinet ... If the palette lives as well in a somewhat natural style, with light and green plants, it carries within it an industrial style that definitely suits her like a glove.

© 3 examples of diversion of pallets and crates

The raw and industrial style

Since we mentioned the industrial style with palettes, let's open the subject! The wood-metal alliance is one of the big trends in decoration which, even if others are born, continues over time. Probably because it's beautiful, but also because this style allows you to (re) discover the pleasure of recycling, or even to transform things. A wooden door can become a desk plan on a trestle, an old vice evolving into a book press, a sewing table taking the place of a pedestal table ... Stainless steel, chrome, copper, steel, and of course leather (for an armchair , a sofa or even a covering for a coffee table!) in combination with old wood glossed over the years, it's so chic and easily economical, why deprive yourself of it?

© Maisons du Monde Combination of wood, metal and leather for an industrial fair

The old refreshed

Who hasn't already looked at the old grandma's buffet and said that if they were re-polished-sanded-painted-diverted, it could be downright classy? We imagine the old china cabinet a little cheesy, even downright has-been, transforming itself into a colorful library, the dressers, whose handles can sometimes just be changed to give it a completely different look, the glossy varnish of the trolleys disappearing under the sanding , to keep only the shape of an era ... The advantage of old things is that they have proven their ability to stand the test of time: it is well worth a little rejuvenation from time to time!

© Mélanie Vassart Mixing retro and contemporary, the beauty tip of the living room

The chalet style

How to talk about wood without mentioning the mountain chalet style… We are not going to try to make you dream with paneling, but rather see how to suggest a chalet style without falling into cliché. An old wood wall, for example (no, still no paneling) can create a chalet atmosphere while remaining modern: prefer wide slats of aged wood, position in front of a bottomless shelf, and thus benefit from a library perfectly integrated into your warm wall. If you have a staircase, its serrated wooden railing easily creates an atmosphere of altitude. The cushions, for example white with a red border, suggest the Savoy cross, and if you have very old wooden skis ... Do not hesitate to make lamp bases! For the more adventurous, we also think of faux fur / animal skin, and the famous deer head on the wall ... Dare!

Focus on bamboo

Bamboo: definitely wood, and yet nothing to see… Because the style of decoration which results from it does not resemble any other. Rather exotic, carrying the idea of ​​outdoors, gardens, vacations ... Not to mention that it is a particularly ecological material. With shades of white, plants, linen, bamboo creates a natural interior that is both very elegant and unpretentious.

Wood where you don't expect it

Here are a few paragraphs that we talk about wood as furniture material, but many other things allow it to be introduced into your living room: wooden lamps are on the rise, often with a colored electric wire and / or a original bulb. The wooden screens are also very pretty with their pretty carved lace. There are also paintings on wood, without forgetting the sculptures, and of course the painter's ladders, which can be diverted as a support for plants and decorative objects. It's elegant, it's recycled, it's wood… It's definitely in the theme "wood in all its forms"!

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