4 things to know before hanging an indoor hanging chair

4 things to know before hanging an indoor hanging chair

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1. Before hanging your chair, check the nature of the support and the ceiling

To avoid disappointment, the first thing to do beforehanging a hanging chair indoorsis to make sure that your ceiling is able to support such a load. Otherwise, your relaxation and relaxation sessions may end up with a magnificent fall…

So keep in mind that only sufficiently solid ceilings - and therefore concrete, concrete block, natural stone or solid brick - are suitable for fixing heavy objects and can therefore safely receive a hanging chair
Unfortunately, this means that if your home has a plasterboard false ceiling, you will have to give up your project…

2. The pegs, the anchor point of your hanging chair

Once the exact position of yourindoor hanging chair, you must drill your ceiling, choosing a drill adapted to the nature of the material (brick, stone, etc.). Do not forget to dust each hole after drilling, and use a small hammer to more easily insert your expanding wing pegs into their respective holes. Using an expansion clamp, you will then widen the body of each dowel inside the ceiling.

Be meticulous and precise: this is where the strength of your fixation is played, and therefore the durability of your future installation!

3. Installation of the suspension kit for your indoor hanging chair

Most hanging chairs are sold with a fixing kit: it is generally a metal carabiner, acting as a swing hook. This kit must be positioned on the pegs previously inserted in the ceiling so that the chair can be suspended.

For more solidity, you can use a chemical seal: this consists in incorporating in your ankles an adequate resin, which will stiffen to ensure the stability of the whole. It is not compulsory, but if you want to make sure of the solidity of the fixing, it can be an interesting option…

4. Rope or chain: the various ways to hang your chair

Now that the hooks are in place, all you have to do is attach a chain or rope to it, in order to suspend the chair itself. If you opt for a chain (a perfect aesthetic choice to give an industrial or very contemporary side to your interior decoration), you should not have any problem as regards the quality of the fixing!
If you choose a rope - for a more natural and authentic look - opt for a solid model sold in hardware or DIY stores, and make a marine knot in the rules of the art. If you do not master all the subtleties, know that many tutorials exist on the web.
After such efforts, it's time to give yourself a few moments of relaxation in your brand new indoor hanging chair!

And of course, to make your indoor hanging chair last as long as possible, make sure you respect the maximum load that it can support. Please note that if you have a large family, there are hanging sofas who can make the happiness of a whole tribe!