Instructions for maintaining a slatted terrace

Instructions for maintaining a slatted terrace

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To make your terrace welcoming and warm, you have chosen a slatted floor. Resistant and easy to maintain, its composite and heat-treated wood lasts a long time and gives charm to your garden. But precisely, how to maintain your slatted terrace and restore it to shine? The editorial team tells you everything, step by step!

Thoroughly clean your grating

Over time, the wooden grating tends to change color, more or less quickly depending on the quality and resistance of the wood chosen (acacia ...). Once or twice a year, thorough cleaning is required. You can dismantle the grating, if it has not been nailed to the ground, or do it on site (much simpler!). We start with clean well : sweep the broom to dust well, and do not hesitate to scrape with a spatula between the blades if you see clumps of dirt. Then wash with a brush, passing well through the grooves of the slats, always in the direction of the blades. A bucket of warm water and a cap of black soap, antiseptic and stain remover, will be enough to restore all its radiance to your terrace. However, you can also use: * soda crystals (1 cup for 1 liter of hot water), * sodium percarbonate (1 volume for 10 lukewarm water) * or dishwashing detergent with l 'Hot water.

Ideal for giving a natural air to your terrace, the grating must be regularly maintained.

Degreaser and saturator: the winning duo for the wood of your grating

To lighten the wood, remove stains and degrease, spray a little dégriseur on the slats (we also find gel, environmentally friendly). Remember to spread the product well with a brush. Stop the effect of the product by rinsing with plenty of water and carefully brushing the tiles. When it is dry, make way for wood saturator . This product brings out the pigments in the wood, nourishes it deeply and protects it from bad weather (even if the gratings are most of the time heat-treated and rot-proof). The transparent saturator has a somewhat milky consistency and is applied using a brush. Let well penetrate. You can use a large paint brush or a sticking brush to apply well between the blades. Let dry 3 or 4 hours, remove the excess with the cloth. You will have to wait at least 48 hours for complete drying.

The saturator will bring out the color of the wood and give it back its shine!

Finalize the maintenance of your slatted terrace

If your terrace is made of autoclave wood, use a fungicide product to treat the tiles and protect it from insects and fungi. Take the opportunity to check if you can not strengthen the assembly of the slats by adding a few screws. But above all, do not put oil on your wood (except linseed oil): it may darken! With all this care, your slatted terrace should be revitalized, and have regained its original color!

You can be proud of your slatted terrace!