A timeless decoration for the living room

A timeless decoration for the living room

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In decoration as in fashion, the timeless plays the card of sobriety, with good basics and great classics, ignoring trends. It's about choosing "sure values", in terms of colors as well as materials and furniture so that your living room does not age over time. A short guide to a living room with timeless decoration.

Light-colored walls for a timeless decor in the living room

The more you favor light shades on the wall, the more you will give the room to live soft and warm atmosphere , the one where you immediately feel good, and which you never tire of. These discreet walls will leave you free to add more contrasting personal touches that you can change over time. If white enlarges the room, it is well known, it can seem cold depending on the layout and the volume, or on the contrary become a good ally if the decor is out of place, in styles as in colors. We can go willingly towards blue, gray and taupe, irreducible timeless, provided that the colors are light, even powdered, to highlight all that will inhabit the room.

The white walls are like a blank page for your decor.

Discreet and elegant furniture, for a timeless decoration in the living room

We also remain sober in the choice of main furniture in the living room, of those that suit any interior and mix easily with other styles. Nothing daring in short, rather furniture with sober lines, old or modern, which reassure as much as they can be forgotten depending on the decorative attention that is given to them. This will give you even more flexibility to insert one or two more original pieces, in bright colors, which will awaken the whole and give personality to the living room. Remember to adapt your choices to your lifestyle and the size of the room so that you feel like spending time there as well as welcoming your guests.

Timeless furniture is elegant and functional furniture, with simple lines and soft tones.

Materials that last for a timeless decoration

For a chic and sober decoration in the living room, favor two or three classic but noble materials, such as wood, steel or stone. They have the advantage of going with everything and of being rather resistant. You can then associate them with textiles such as linen, velvet or even leather, chic and warm. The sober tones of the covering materials, which should not catch the eye, will on the contrary sublimate the textile materials that you will use in the room, to which you can add a hint of graphic or floral fantasy to brighten up the whole.

White walls and parquet form a timeless setting to accommodate any style of decoration.

Decorative items that look like you

If you have remained fairly neutral so far, assert your style more in decorative accessories. Choose two or three or more colorful design elements for which you fell in love. Lighting, small occasional furniture, vases, frames and other cushions can give character to your living room with timeless decor. Above all, you can more easily replace them if you get tired of them. The advantage of a generally sober decoration in the living room should allow you these few grains of madness that will make the room charming.

Timeless does not mean impersonal! Dare the accessories that look like you.