Where to place the oven in your kitchen?

Where to place the oven in your kitchen?

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Small or large, the kitchen must be fitted out with care to offer comfort and security during our culinary prowess. Also, the oven enters the game and becomes a fundamental element in this conception of space: height, depth and environment, this cooking appliance deserves all the attention to become your best ally!

Place the oven to make it accessible

Rule number one: we offer a maximum space accessible to the oven. Imposing or not, the model you have chosen must be stored in an area sufficient for the opening of the latter to be done with ease. It is also important to place your oven not far from your worktop. Naturally hot, freshly cooked dishes must find a drop point quickly when leaving the stove to avoid any risk of burns. Also, it is strongly recommended to integrate your cooking appliance next to a free space, designed to accommodate dishes as soon as they come out of the oven.

The oven is placed right next to the worktop, in a ventilated space.

Place the oven slightly high

Rule number two: place the oven on a pedestal to combine comfort and safety. Often placed 20 centimeters from the ground, the oven can now be positioned higher when it is integrated into a column for example. This option, which optimizes the space for additional storage, also limits the dangers for the little ones. Small bonus: we also forget the sometimes uncomfortable position of the folded back to now appreciate an opening at optimal height, from 90 centimeters from the ground.

Placed in height, the oven ensures comfort and safety: our backs and our toddlers say yes!

Place the oven near other cooking appliances

Rule number three: we gather the elements by family. To move efficiently in the kitchen, it is imperative to group the cooking appliances just as it will be more comfortable for you to place the cleaning accessories close to each other. Oven, but also microwave and hob should as far as possible be placed in the same corner. We set it all up like a magic triangle which includes space of heat, space of conservation and finally space of maintenance. A detail that becomes important once your recipe is launched and that will allow you to obtain an organization worthy of a great chef!

The oven and microwave are placed one below the other, next to the hobs.


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