Dare the dark colors in the entrance

Dare the dark colors in the entrance

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The stereotypes have a hard life. Result: in decoration, dark colors suffer, and it's a shame. Sad, dreary, oppressive. In the entrance, dark colors are generally not recommended ... wrongly. Theatrical, they give an entry a lot of character. Demonstration.

For the entry, a color chart of dark colors

From dark colors acclaimed by leading decorators for entry, here are the top 5: - Vibrant black - Ultra chic navy blue - Very elegant dark gray - Warm brown - Also note that dark green or khaki are on the rise ! Combined with green plants and light wooden furniture, these dark shades are far from sad, on the contrary. These nuances warm an entrance, while giving it intimacy and character, even a small art gallery atmosphere. Thus, painting its entry with a dark color makes it possible to create, sculpt and structure the volume. We also play with the elegance of the shade and the sophistication of the light. Result: a bold entry! Here, here ... White has never had so much competition.

Copper brown for a flashy entry or deep blue for a cocoon entry?

How to choose the color of its entry?

Before anything else, be sure to choose your dark color in daylight. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is strongly recommended that you test your color directly on a wall in your hallway using commercially available paint samples. The objective? See how the color reacts with the light in your hallway. Wait until it dries, because drying the paint can lighten or darken ... And therefore change the situation. Good to know: the more matte the paint, the more chic it looks, but beware, it's messy. It is therefore perhaps not a good idea in the entrance, a room by definition very busy!

Entry gray or khaki, the important thing is to test the color in daylight!

How to paint an entry with a dark color?

Should you paint your entire entrance with the same dark color? This is the big question. Yes, if the color reacts well to the natural light of your entrance. But beware all the same too strong contrasts with the neighboring white walls. If you think the bias is too risky, painting one wall with a dark color, and the others in beige or cream (instead of white), works just as well. Another option: paint the wall halfway up with a dark shade. Ideal for large entrances, but quickly oppressive for very small ones. For the long hallways, you can also paint the ceiling with a dark color or the longer walls in order to deceive the eye on the real dimensions of the room.

With dark paintings, it is interesting to play on contrasts.