Winter inspirations for a green living room

Winter inspirations for a green living room

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The living room is one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time. It is therefore necessary to make it a cozy place, in which one feels good. And among the comforting colors, there is the green. It is a very trendy color and symptomatic of a real desire to return to nature.

Green offers a range of shades and possibilities, which allows you to adopt this color according to your desires. Felted art deco boudoir atmosphere? Natural inspiration with an accumulation of plants and "jungle" prints? Fir green or sage green? You choose !

Transform your living room into an urban jungle

This is perhaps the easiest solution to adopt the green living room trend. Whether you have a green thumb or not, plants immediately bring a natural touch to the living room. The effect is even more accentuated when you start to have an urban jungle, by accumulating different plants in the same room or on the same shelf.

If you don't have a green thumb at all, opt for easy-care plants like succulents (also known as succulents) or even cacti. They require little daily care and little watering.

On the contrary, if you like plants and they make you look good, then you can have fun! Pilea, monstera, ficus… Collect the plants in your living room, in planters as in Thai natural fiber baskets. This everyday greenery will do you a lot of moral good in the middle of winter.

Adopt green velvet

Noble and warm material par excellence, the velvet is adorned with green to obtain furniture and decorative elements that bring a chic touch to your living room. Crew pile is very refined. If a velvet sofa seems too fragile or requires too much maintenance, you can opt for other green velvet objects such as art deco poufs or cushions.

Combined with mineral tones like beige or brown, it is perfect for creating a very natural atmosphere in the living room. Place a blanket in large white or cream on your sofa. A fluffy carpet on the feet, brown furniture, light fixtures made of vegetable fibers and voila.

For a more art deco atmosphere, closer to the boudoir, we associate it with duck blue or powder pink. Golden brass elements illuminate the whole.

Put green on the walls

Aren't you afraid of painting walls? So go ahead and adopt green on the walls of your living room

You can paint a single section of wall - the one behind your sofa or your TV cabinet for example - green. Also use paint to mark off an area in your living room, such as an office area, by painting the wall with this color.

If you want a boudoir-style interior, use a slightly dark emerald green to repaint the walls of your living room. Play the art deco card to decorate the room, with a beautiful velvet sofa, retro furniture in dark wood and decorative elements in gilded brass.

For a softer decoration, a lighter and brighter green will go perfectly with a Scandinavian-inspired decoration. Light wood furniture, a sofa in mineral colors, green plants and natural fiber lights will transform your living room into a cocooning room.

If the painting does not tempt you, do not hesitate to crack for jungle print wallpaper, with large palm leaves, which will only be installed on one wall in the room.