Octaveo signed paper vases

Octaveo signed paper vases

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Octaveo is a pretty brand created by Marcel Braer. Leaving from Zurich for Barcelona in the footsteps of a family history marked by the Mediterranean, Baer wanted to create objects, mainly for the office, evoking travel and making it possible to create stories. Sun, art and materials are at the heart of Octaveo's expertly crafted stationery collections. We fell in love with the very beautiful paper vases (or rather vase covers since we will not forget, even if the paper is waterproof, to use a cut water bottle or a smaller vase).

Primary blue and yellow for flowers

The Janus and Salina vases put yellow and blue in the spotlight. Sharp colors, they stand out from the white background with a lot of pep. Janus changes his mood depending on which side you choose to exhibit. Mysterious and enigmatic, it is an object that we tame and that questions us. A great idea for a vase… which is more of paper! Salina is a tribute to the sea, the waves, the sunset and summer. A room of choice to always feel a little on vacation.

Color + pattern = a winning duo for pictorial vases

Obviously, the paper vases designed by Octaveo are full of color. As a brand in love with the Mediterranean, could it be otherwise? But the color is not thought of alone, it is used in the manner of a contemporary painting. The patterns, whether plant or geometric, are worked to create the contrast between a very simple material, paper, and the pictorial and decorative dimension of the creations. We love the Baazar vase which stands out as a touch of contemporary art in decoration, in the movement of geometric abstraction.

Design trend for vases

Our favorite is the Nomade vase, mixing black and blue braces on a white background and bright yellow solid color. It evokes the trend of the 70s, with its Zanotta side, while also being right in the grid trend sweeping through our interiors. An accessory to offer yourself urgently and that will go perfectly with a refined, Scandinavian or industrial decor. For color enthusiasts, we opt for the Artesania model, with a typically 50's deep green or for Palma, which mixes blue and red with black and white, in a very soft graphics although frank. More info on the site