Christmas garlands to light up your exterior!

Christmas garlands to light up your exterior!

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How to choose your outdoor light garlands?

The light garlands are an integral part of Christmas decoration. In the evening, their soft light will illuminate your house or your balcony. Classic, retro, with original shapes… There is something for all tastes and all budgets!

There are different types of string lights specially designed for the outdoors. Among them are:

  • garlands in tube
  • garlands with conventional or LED bulbs
  • the light curtains

Some models of garlands, especially those with LEDs, can reach 40m in length. Ideal for decorating an entire facade without having to make different connections. LED string lights also have a longer lifespan than those with bulbs and their relative strength allows them to be installed easily and durably.

Make sure you choose well light garlands designed for outdoor use. These resist weather conditions like cold and rain. Also make sure to inspect the garland before installation, to identify any defect that could jeopardize your safety or that of your children.

There are outdoor and ecological light garlands!

Did you know ? Some models of outdoor light garlands are ecological! Because we often think that decorating your house with outdoor garlands will drive up your electricity bill ... which is the case if you don't choose the right equipment.

Then think of solar string lights. As the name suggests, they work with the energy of the sun.

They are most often supplied with long cables, connected to a solar collector which ensures their proper functioning. This protects the cable by placing the light cord in the shelter (under a roof or around a tree for example) and having the sensor placed in a sunny place.

The advantage of these solar string lights? They turn on automatically as soon as night falls. No need to go around the garden to light the garlands one by one!

Where to install light garlands like curtains?

The light garlands in curtains are suitable for outdoor use. They are made up of a main luminous cable, from which hang other finer luminous garlands, which fall vertically.

It is lighting that enhances a house facade, for example. You can also install them in front of a bay window, to create a light curtain. This type of garland can also dress the railing of a balcony or terrace. Finally, a stalactite curtain hung at the level of the protrusion of a roof will make a strong impression!

Decorate your outdoor trees with a light garland

If you have trees outside, the easiest way to decorate them during the holiday season is to install thin light garlands. Prefer simple models, in order to have a chic Christmas decoration.

Nothing prevents you from completing this exterior decoration with fabric knots and some ornaments in your trees, without overloading them. This will keep the vegetal and authentic touch of a real Christmas tree. On your balcony or porch, you can light candles in lanterns in the evening to complete your decoration. Get inspired by the Nordic countries to get a tastefully decorated exterior for the holiday season.

Play the kitsch Christmas decoration card

For you, Christmas is synonymous with festive decoration, bright colors and Christmas TV movies. So play the kitsch decoration card for your exterior!

Favor solar string lights to reduce the electricity bill. There are different shapes and colors: multicolored guinguette garland, with teardrop bulbs, stars, Christmas balls, etc.

Complete the decoration with bright ornaments and silhouettes to complete the picture. Do not hesitate to do too much and become the attraction of the neighborhood!