What carpet should I install in my hall?

What carpet should I install in my hall?

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He greets us when we come home from work and greets our guests one by one: the entrance mat must therefore be warm! But it must also adapt to the size of your entry and your decor. Follow our advice!

Our advices

- The missions of the entrance mat - At each entrance its shape of carpet - The ideal dimensions - The touch I need - What color for my carpet?

1. The missions of the entrance mat

Your entrance mat has a decorative role, of course, but it also warms the atmosphere. If it is often used as a cold break between the outside and the inside, it also has the task of absorbing the dust and humidity that we bring with our shoes. The ideal is therefore to choose a model that combines these three functions: * Decoration * Cleanliness * Saving heat

2. Each entry has its own carpet shape

* Round carpet: particularly suitable for wide entrances. It is chosen either alone and imposing, or combined with one or two other carpets of the same shape. For your duo or trio of rugs, you can play with dimensions and colors to give the space more character. *The rectangular carpet : this is the most classic carpet, perfectly suited for hallways. Make sure that its length is imposing if its width is small, and vice versa. *The square carpet : more original, the square carpet gives a very graphic appearance to your entrance.

3. The ideal dimensions

You can't always afford a custom rug! But take into account the dimensions of your entrance before choosing your carpet. A carpet that is too small will be assimilated to a doormat and will remain anecdotal. We prefer large rugs for a nice "wow" effect in your entry, but these large rugs will also promote heat conservation. Be careful, however, that your carpet is not too large so that it does not rebel against the walls or your furniture. For a nice balanced effect, just make sure to keep a margin of 10 cm between the carpet and the walls of the room.

4. The touch I need

Long or short haired, that is the question! Wool, bamboo fiber, hemp, linen or even cotton, materials side there is a choice for your carpet. For a cozy starter, we say yes to the big loops. But be careful with their maintenance: in a place of passage, your carpet can quickly be damaged. Design atmosphere? The simplicity of short pile weaving will perfectly suit the minimalist style. And as always there is an in-between for those who wish to take advantage of a model as soft as it is easy to maintain.

5. What color for my carpet?

The dark colors accentuate the impression of height by adding a certain depth to the floor, and they get dirty less quickly. The light colors - relatively fragile, on the other hand allow to enlarge the floor space, an optical effect that works the same way as a white paint on the wall. For an in-between, we choose ranges of gray or taupe that remain bright and easier to maintain.