Flowers in the bathroom

Flowers in the bathroom

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Flower, purify, decorate ... greenery invites itself into the bathroom. The trend is towards depolluting plants which sanitize humid rooms, but what about flowers? Between touches of color and delicacy, find the ideal flowers for the bathroom. Two essential criteria: resist heat and humidity. An entire program.

Which flowers to choose for the bathroom?

The most refined orchid : Great favorite of humid rooms, the orchid, white or colored, will flourish perfectly in a bathroom. This little beauty loves light, but not direct sun: a place near the sink will be ideal. Remember to ventilate the room well to provide a minimum of ventilation. Tip: With the 25,000 varieties of orchids in existence, you will find something for you. We still recommend the phalaenopsis, which is the easiest orchid to maintain. The iris of the marshes, a flower that marked history : Symbol of the kings of France, the iris of the marshes, as its name suggests, needs to have its feet in the water. A perfect candidate for flowering a bathroom. Craspedia, the most delicate : These little yellow balls that last a long time play the card of discretion in the bathroom. Zenitude obliges. Pair them with a few branches of eucalyptus for a nice bouquet in the Scandinavian spirit. Then, when they start to tire, let them dry. The most colorful gerbera : This large red, orange or yellow daisy will bring a good dose of pep to a pond. Ideal for flowering a bathroom, this plant loves warmth and moist soil. Loudly. Another option for flowering your bathroom: dried flowers which therefore require no maintenance! Choose for example an elegant and imposing branch of hydrangea, which will only ask to be contemplated.

Orchids add an extra touch of elegance to the bathroom.

How to perfume my bathroom with flowers?

In addition to decorating and making your bathroom cheerful, certain flowers easily perfume your pond. A few lavender stems in a vase will put you in a good mood every time you brush your teeth or take a shower. Dried lavender is indeed a good way to embalm the room with a sweet smell reminiscent of holidays in Provence. And even if you break the codes, if your bathroom is well exposed, why not place a jar of mint near the window for fresh scents throughout the day?

What flowers should I choose to absorb moisture in my bathroom?

Kill two birds with one stone: decorate and absorb moisture in your bathroom with plants. With its abundant pink flowers, the azalea readily absorbs certain undesirable chemical compounds. Also think of impatiens: this plant flowers all year round whatever the temperature. It is only very demanding in water and therefore perfect for a humid room. It's a bet won in advance!

The azalea with abundant flowers will be perfect in a bathroom.