5 DIY caning

5 DIY caning

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Flagship material of the moment, cane is everywhere! In decorative magazines as well as in specialized shops. And we understand why ! With its graphic and airy look, it is the touch of authenticity in a trendy interior. Because it is easy to handle, we give you our favorite inspirations to create your own decorative items in caning. Light fixture, flower pots, custom furniture, clock, tray ... What object are you going to cane?

1. A lamp

© Jolie Place With its ultra-graphic braiding, caning is a sensation when used on a luminaire. Delicately filtering the light, it creates a subdued and poetic atmosphere. The good news ? The cane is so easy to handle that one can imagine it as a lampshade of a suspension or an auxiliary lamp. We had a crush on the simplicity of the cane lamp by Jolie Place. But we can not resist the Art Deco look of the creation of Be Frenchie either. Without forgetting the feminine version of Mamie Boude who had the good idea to customize her canework auxiliary lamp, by adding a few colors using woolen threads.

2. Flower pots

© C by Clémence Do you love caning but don't know how to get it easily? How about using it to customize small flower pots. We don't know you but we love the result! And when you know that there is nothing easier, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. To make these adorable canning flower pots, you can take inspiration from this DIY by C by Clémence! A chisel, a few touches of glue and voila! So, ready to adopt caning in your decor?

3. A clock

© Une Hirondelle dans les tiroirs When you fall for a material, you want to adopt it in all its decor. And once again, the cane proves that it is easy to handle! Here, the blogger of Une Hirondelle dans les tiroirs, invites you to make a cane clock. In addition to caning, you will only need a drum, a circle, a clock mechanism and a DIY stapler. And to give a little pep to the final result, you can use synthetic leather, fabric or even felt to border the circle. A creation that one can easily imagine in a retro, Scandinavian or even bohemian interior!

4. A custom piece of furniture

© Shyly Lovely If the cane itself can create decorative objects in their own right (like the lamp or the clock), it can also be used to revive a piece of furniture. This is the case of this inspiration where the designer of Shyly Lovely decided to customize her Ikea furniture by adding caning on each compartment of the dresser. In two stages, three movements, the furniture then finds a second youth! The right idea? In addition to caning, the blogger has imagined new wrists using leather straps. An easy and economical tip that gives a vintage look to the furniture!

5. A tray

© Jolie Place As you can see, cane can be used to both create and customize existing pieces. With its graphic patterns, it creates a sensation on the bottom of a tray. And because there is nothing easier than this tutorial, you have no excuse not to try it! You will see, you will be proud to take out your creation to serve a snack or aperitif to your guests. Nothing also prevents you from using this canning tray as a decorative element by placing a vase, some flowers and a candle. To follow the step by step, visit the Jolie Place blog!