How to choose your kitchen mixer tap?

How to choose your kitchen mixer tap?

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What is a mixer tap?

As the name suggests, the Faucet mixer is a tap - which can be mounted on a sink, sink or even a shower - which, unlike the mixer tap, works with a single adjustable lever (or sometimes two), which controls both the flow and the temperature of the tap water: it is enough to orient it vertically and / or horizontally, because the handle of the mixer tap can tilt simultaneously.

The other big difference between the mixing valve and the mixing valve is that on the latter, the hot and cold water supply are connected to form a single water supply.

The different models of mixing valves and their advantages

In the large and beautiful family of mixer taps, there are 2 subcategories:

  1. The classic mixer tap, which is controlled with a single lever that activates horizontally, and which controls both the temperature and the flow of water. It is a type of tap that is very easy to use (even for the youngest) since it can be operated with one hand. The negatives of the classic mixer tap? Its relative lack of precision with regard to the temperature setting, and its lower flow rate than a mixing valve.
  2. The thermostatic mixing valve, which works with two handles: one to regulate the temperature, and the other to regulate the flow of water. More precise than the traditional mixer, it is also more secure and more economical. This translates into a higher purchase price!

The chrome kitchen faucet: timeless and chic

We are not going to lie: in a kitchen, the chrome tap is not wildly original. But on the other hand, it always does the job, and it has a very traditional and reassuring side of the most pleasant! In addition, it offers a very (very) wide choice with regard to its size and shape: with a straight beak, curved, high, low, in shiny chrome or with a polished effect ... with it, all tastes are allowed , and whatever the style and universe of your kitchen, a chrome tap will always find its place and will always blend in with the decor.

The retro kitchen mixer tap: for a vintage touch

If you want to bring a retro touch to your kitchen, bet on the vintage mixer tap which will automatically give cachet to any sink! To be stamped vintage, a kitchen mixer tap can either:

Be bronze or copper, materials that immediately give it a bit of old ... but in good tone!

Having a ceramic handle, which is reminiscent of the old taps of the schools of yesteryear!

The black kitchen faucet: design and elegant

To change a little from the traditional chrome kitchen faucets and mark the moment in your kitchen, nothing like the black kitchen faucets ! Original, distinguished, elegant, they instantly dress your sinks and give a refined touch to your kitchen.

Be careful though: if the water in your area is very limestone, your black tap should be well maintained to avoid small unsightly white spots…

The kitchen tap with hand shower: the tap for the pros!

With a functional shower that recalls the kitchens of the biggest cooks, it is sure, you will look like a real Top Chef in your kitchen ... even if you only prepare pasta.

Very practical for quickly cleaning fruits and vegetables or for pre-rinsing kitchen utensils before putting them in the dishwasher, it is not for nothing if the little nickname of single lever mixer with hand shower is "the chef's tap"!