Advent calendars for adults: 10 last-minute ideas

Advent calendars for adults: 10 last-minute ideas

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This is the madness of advent calendars for adults! This year, no brand has escaped the phenomenon: beauty products, teas, wines, beers, chocolates or candles, everyone wants their advent calendar. Here are our 10 easy ideas for making inexpensive last-minute calendars for adults and teens around him…

Tea bags in small envelopes

In December, tea is always particularly appreciated. We take this opportunity to offer 24 quality tea bags, the most varied possible, that we simply slip into small kraft envelopes numbered from 1 to 24 and decorated with masking tape. We put everything in a small basket, and presto, here is a beautiful calendar to offer to tea lovers! DIY: customized tea bags

24 cups of happiness before Christmas

Beautifully curled messages or poems

Even at the last minute, you have no excuse for not succeeding with this calendar! Cut 12 sheets of A4 paper in half and write a message on each sheet. Choice of: a quote, a few lines from a poem, an inspiring phrase, a sweet word or a declaration of love. Roll up each sheet and tie them with a ribbon, number and place your rolls in a basket or a nice salad bowl.

A great idea found on

Wine bottles in cardboard boxes

Wine calendars are popular! If your favorite wine merchant does not offer to wait for Christmas in style, buy him 12 bottles (or 6, or 24!) And create your own calendar with cardboard boxes, or simply by wrapping them in kraft paper, with a beautiful ribbon and a number!

To consume with moderation !

"Good for" hanging on clothespins

Even on the evening of November 30, you will be on time to complete this calendar. On small pieces of paper (post-its, card stock, business cards ...) write 24 "good for" funny and generous. Slip them into numbered envelopes, hang them on a wire with clothespins, and voila! Examples: Good for a house dinner, good for a sleep on Sunday, good for a massage, good for doing nothing on the evening of your choice, good for choosing the movie all week, good for kisses, good for a little breakfast in bed… Variation: if you are not inspired (it can happen), print photos from your smartphone in polaroids style!

Elegance and simplicity…

Mini beauty products in kraft sachets

If you have not succumbed to the (very) numerous calendars of cosmetic brands but your girlfriend secretly dreams of it, prepare a tailor-made calendar with miniature products from several brands ... A mini shampoo, a mini varnish , a mini lipstick, a small hand cream, an eye contour pencil, samples of creams, a sample of perfume… Slip everything into pockets, hang them on a wire or present them in a nice box, and here you go!

A great classic revisited in DIY!

Coloring in envelopes

If the advent calendars for adults are in fashion, the coloring pages for adults too! This relaxing activity would have virtues close to meditation, so we take the opportunity to offer 24 boards. Type "adult coloring" on your search engine, download 24 drawings and print them on your desktop printer. Insert them in A4 envelopes, number them, and simply hang them on the wall with masking tape!

A zen before calendar!

Pearls in small match boxes

Does your girlfriend or teenage daughter like to make their own jewelry? Offer him pearls and small materials, divide them into 24 and put them in small match boxes wrapped in gift paper. Put everything in a glass jar. I promise, she will be amazed!

Patience, the necklace will be ready for Christmas!

24 bottles of beer to wait for Christmas

For an advent calendar to offer to a beer lover, the simplest thing is to buy 24 different bottles, to package and number them. If you prefer to use cans, you can also insert them into cardboard tubes (like toilet roll). Already a classic.

It is far, the time of the small images to discover each day!

Decorations for the tree

For a special Christmas decoration advent calendar, offer 24 decorations to put in the tree from day to day until 24. A calendar in the spirit of the season, inexpensive and easy to make since most Christmas tree decorations are small and light, and slip easily into a pocket, an envelope or a bag…

An advent calendar to decorate the tree

Bath pebbles in cartons

Finally, if the lucky recipient of your calendar has a bathtub, offer him 24 moments of relaxation with effervescent pebbles of all colors, simply wrapped in gift paper, like big cartons ... All in a basket or box shoe, and it's over! So, this year, are we getting started?

Our video: how to easily make paper cartons