6 tips for sorting your entry

6 tips for sorting your entry

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Tired of all the stuff piled up in your hallway? Are you unable to pass the famous course to sort excess items? Do not panic, dé gives you its storage tips for your entry. Everything is a question of organization, I promise.

Step 1: sort the entrance

Before you start your major cleaning in the hall, it is important to know how you will use the room. Will your entry be a place of passage? A space to store coats and shoes? A cocooning airlock to welcome you after the working day? As soon as you have the answer you can then begin to sort through your entry efficiently and buy furniture if necessary to optimize the space. Get rid of all the things you don't really need and make room. For example, avoid crowding sports equipment, gardening or outdoor objects in general. Coats, shoes, school bags ... Try to keep only the essentials. But no need to display your collection of shoes or coats, the closet is just as suitable for that.

What will your entry be used for? Is it a storage room or a room just for reception?

Step 2: a bright, clean entrance

Once you are (finally) rid of the superfluous objects which clogged your entry, it is time to restore order and cleanliness. Sometimes it's just more efficient to start all over and do a thorough cleaning of the space. From the floor to the walls, passing by the furniture and decorative accessories, it will have to shine. Cleaning and sorting in your entrance hall will not only allow you to have an overview of how you can optimize the space but will also allow you to rethink its layout. The entrance is still the first room you cross when you come home from work, it must be welcoming!

Treat your entry! It's the best way to feel good when you get home!

Step 3: functional furniture to keep the entrance tidy

Regardless of the proportions of your entry, the trick here is to optimize the space to the maximum in order to keep a room airy and warm. Choose consoles, sideboards, shelves or other compact and tall storage units for put away your entry while keeping your everyday items close at hand. For example, one of the first things you do after you walk out the door is take off your shoes. So make sure you have a piece of furniture large enough to store the shoes of the whole family without cluttering up your entrance. Also opt for a coat rack large enough to store your clothes, hats, scarves and umbrellas. The must: a small bench or bench that acts as a safe to put on or take off your shoes comfortably while optimizing space.

The entrance is a very useful room to avoid the mess in the rest of the house!

Step 4: well-equipped walls to store the entrance

The simplest tip for sort in the entrance and save space, is to bet on the walls. Clothes hangers to hang or dry your clothes when you get back from the desk, hooks to hang the bags and school bags for little ones, shelves to store everyday objects, wooden panels to hang your endless lists and reminders ... the options are endless. Be careful however not to overload the decoration of your walls with too many objects: you risk going back to square one. Do not hesitate to paint your walls with deep or tart colors for a warmer entry. Welcome home !

Coat hooks, coat hooks and more coat hooks: essential for large families!

Step 5: a place for each object in the entrance

If you want to sort your entry in the best possible way, keep in mind that each object must have a dedicated place. Whether it's your set of keys hanging on a hook, in a vase on a console near the door, your mail slipped into a drawer, or your scarves in a basket… Everything must have its place. This organization will not only save you time on a daily basis, but above all will make you arrive right on time at the office.

Everything in its place and your entry will stay tidy!

Step 6: some decorative accessories for a warm entry

Good news, after this step, you have done most of the work for put away your entry . All you have to do is give the final touch to a personalized and warm entrance hall. Without forgetting the functional aspect of course. The trick: opt for decorative frames, posters, stickers and mirrors which will not only give the illusion of a much larger space, but which will allow you to adjust your look just before taking the plunge. the door. You now have all the tips for a remarkable and functional entry!

Final touch: some decorative elements and your entry will be your new pride!