Organize your move in 6 steps

Organize your move in 6 steps

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The first stage of a move takes place well before D-Day. Three months before to be more precise. However, the more you anticipate the move, the less unexpected there is. Three months from the big day, you have to establish a schedule and therefore already think about the course of the event. Explanations.

1-Ask your notice

If you are renting, it is time to ask for your departure notice. To do this, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or deliver your mail by hand to your owner or to the agency through which you rent your property. It is also a good idea to plan as soon as possible the outing inventory and any tasks to be expected in your accommodation before returning it.


A move is an opportunity to sort out. Indeed, if you want to get rid of furniture or things you no longer use, now is the time! This will make less volume to take into your new home and therefore a less expensive move. Not sure what to do with your business? And if you participated in a garage sale? You can also donate your furniture, clothing and other goods to an association.

3-Plan the work on your new home

There is always work or even small tasks to be expected in a home. If so, you must now get quotes from professionals and plan the work. If you are talking to a loved one, make sure they are available. So you will arrive in a perfectly habitable accommodation!

4-Choose your movers

It is never too early to choose your movers. As soon as you know that you are going to move, you have to make quotes and determine a moving date. Certain periods, like in spring, are very rich in moving and the prices increase. Compare the quotes well, study the different options and choose the movers who will be present on D-Day!

5-Take stock with your insurance

Before a move, you must contact your insurer to find out how the move is covered. Some insurers require that you make a list of your property, collect your invoices, etc. This is also the time to estimate the home insurance of your new residence and to update the other contracts.

6-List the administrative procedures

A move is accompanied by numerous administrative procedures. To not forget anything, just list them. You have to think about insurance, taxes, gas, electricity, internet providers, service providers like TV subscriptions or magazines. How about taking advantage of this event to change banks? Online banks are with you wherever you are! Indeed, thanks to your very complete and perfectly secure personal space, you have access to unique services. So you can manage your current account like your savings book remotely. In addition, your advisers can be reached during longer hours and bank charges are very low or even non-existent! Finally, it is also recommended to quickly notify your company and ask for your days off. You have taken a decisive first step for the smooth running of events. Your move is already taking shape! Find our series of articles on moving here: Step 2: Plan the movers (D-2 months) Step 3: Pack your boxes (D-2 months) Step 4: Manage transport (J- 1 month) Step 5: Take care of the administration (D-1 month) Step 6: Move calmly (D-Day)