Our bathroom storage tips

Our bathroom storage tips

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The bathroom is certainly one of the rooms we use the most on a daily basis. Towels, clothes already worn, first aid kit, everyday essentials and other hygiene and beauty products quickly invaded this small space and created a feeling of disorder and clutter. Yet very simple tips and small everyday gestures can keep a bathroom tidy. Discover without further delay how to optimize and how to store this small room full of unexpected resources…!

  1. All good house storage starts with a great sorting!
  2. Your mission: optimize the smallest space
  3. Choose clever storage furniture
  4. Design ideas: storage accessories, space saving champions!

All good house storage starts with a great sorting!

This is one of the big secrets of tidy bathrooms: knowing how to avoid clutter and sorting regularly! Note also that in sorting, no rule exists. However, two simple tips can help you make the most of the space available in your bathroom. First of all, to sort and store well, I advise you to start by completely emptying all your cupboards, drawers and shelves and spreading out all their contents in front of you. This will allow you to have a better overview of what is cluttering your bathroom. Do you really need as many different towels or shampoos? Remember to check the expiration dates of your beauty and hygiene products as well as your medicines. Bring these back to the pharmacy and throw away all the products whose time limit has expired since the opening date has been exceeded. Using an outdated cream or makeup could irritate your skin or even cause you a severe skin reaction. Finally, if you were to impose only one sorting instruction, it should be to keep only what is useful to you or what makes you smile. This towel, which has become too rough, hasn't left its closet for several months? So don't waste your time storing it there again: you know, deep down, that you will always prefer a new, softer towel. Reuse it instead for your household or donate it to a textile terminal or a charity. Once you have put aside all the objects and products that do not meet one of these two criteria, proceed to a second sorting: separate the objects you want to repair or reuse for another purpose into three different piles, the ones you can recycle or give away and the ones you can only throw away.

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Your mission: optimize the smallest space

Does your bathroom seem small? Have you ever taken the time to really observe it? It is actually full of unused spaces and unexpected storage! The back of your bathroom door can easily be transformed into a towel rack or a large standing mirror, for example. Likewise, the doors of your storage unit may be able to accommodate a few mini hooks or small splashback bars which will allow you to hang towels on them or, using a hook, some beauty accessories. The presence of small objects on the floor, such as a dirty laundry basket, a toilet brush or a trash can will tend to shrink your room. So why not attach your toilet brush to the wall, integrate your trash can into your storage unit and replace your dirty laundry basket with two or three fabric bags that you can hang on the back of your bathroom door? In addition to being able to easily sort your laundry you will free up floor space, which will help give the impression of a room that is tidier and less cluttered. Finally, your walls are the easiest space to optimize. Hang a few shelves above your toilet or bathtub, hang storage baskets from your ceiling, hang a large splash bar along an unused wall or above your sink ... The possibilities are endless!

3. Choose clever storage furniture

Like small accessories, furniture that takes up floor space tends to reduce the overall feeling of volume in your bathroom. So choose hanging furniture, which you will attach to your wall or which will be elegantly raised by very thin feet. Are you hesitating? Think of the precious time it will save you when you vacuum or mop your bathroom: no need to move your many small objects and your heaviest furniture in order to dust off every corner! To optimize a small space and achieve a real saving of space, favor a basin on furniture over a basin on plan. Follow the same logic for your mirror: choose it with storage or at least an integrated shelf. If, on the other hand, you do not need a lot of storage space but have little space, move to bathroom furniture specially designed for small spaces. Certain washbasin units thus have a reduced depth and width which will allow them to slip easily into the smallest corners while providing additional storage space. Finally, preferably choose tall and narrow furniture rather than low and wider furniture. The chiffoniers with glass doors which highlight the beautiful bathroom linen are very trendy at the moment. However, if you choose this type of furniture, make sure that the interior is always tidy!

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Design ideas: storage accessories, space saving champions!

Fabric, wicker, plastic, wood, metal or glass ... Baskets or storage boxes are a practical and aesthetic solution for storing your small things in the bathroom. They slip easily into the drawers of your storage furniture and allow you to quickly access what you are looking for. Thanks to them, no more endless research, early in the morning, in your makeup cough! You will now have all your favorite products at your fingertips. Also think of the credenza bars, which are not only reserved for kitchens and which will replace the traditional coat hooks with originality. Hang small baskets or accessories using small hooks, often supplied with it. You can also hang your towels there and fix them almost anywhere in your bathroom: behind the door, above your sink, on the side of your cabinet, etc. Shower baskets, to be attached to the walls of your shower with small screws or suction cups, are also very practical for decluttering the shower tray. Finally, you do not need decorative items in your bathroom. Your bathroom linen and a few scented candles will be enough to give this room an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Another advantage: it also frees up storage space in your cupboards! Finally, the ultimate tip, according to Marie Kondo, the queen of storage, the key to success would be to "tidy up all at once, completely and as quickly as possible, starting with throwing away" ... Fortunately, thanks to our many tips now have all the keys in hand to take up this challenge!

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