The Monstera deliciosa, a decorative monster!

The Monstera deliciosa, a decorative monster!

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A "delicious monster" from America

The Monstera Deliciosa comes from afar: the tropical forests of South America, where its long lianas hang from tree to tree with surprising vigor! Thanks to their aerial roots, they draw moisture from the ambient air and the minerals present on the barks of their hosts for food.
Their immense very cut leaves, characteristic of the plant and which can reach a meter in length, are worth their botanical name of "Monstera", in homage to their gigantism.
In the tropics, the strange white flowers of the Monstera Deliciosa, which some compare to arums, transform into green ears covered with scales.

At maturity, the plant produces fruits, called cérimans, renowned for their banana-pineapple flavor. Excellent in juice, they are used in many recipes for ice cream, jams and sparkling wine cocktails. This is what explains the deliciosa side without a doubt!

How to grow a Monstera deliciosa?

Good news: you don't have to be a plant expert to give your living room accents of lush jungle. The Monstera deliciosa can indeed be grown in pots, in a well-drained soil-soil mixture. The only thing to do is to find a bright location but no direct sun in summer, and to provide a tutor so that the plant can climb. Weekly watering is more than enough to keep the soil moist while letting the soil dry.

If the huge leaves from Monstera Deliciosa pick up dust, wipe them with a damp cloth to restore their shiny appearance. In spring, you can prune your Monstera, taking care not to cut the roots, or repot it in a larger pot if you want it to grow tall.

Perfectly suited for indoor cultivation, Monstera deliciosa can also flourish outdoors in Mediterranean regions, provided it is sheltered from frost.

The monstera deliciosa: why we love it at home?

Cultivated as an ornamental plant since the 18th century, Monstera deliciosa has conquered the interiors of the whole world thanks to its spectacular silhouette and its robustness to any tests.
Easy to grow and maintain, not very susceptible to diseases, this exotic plant has become the best friend of all those who want green plants ... without having a green thumb.

Extremely graphic, it is all the rage on Instagram, where bloggers from all continents proudly publish photos of their little corner of the jungle next to the sofa or the bathtub.
And it is clear that the result is rather stunning and that this "Swiss cheese plant" has the power to bring a strong personality to all types of decor, in any room ... A decor monster, the Monstera!

When the Monstera deliciosa invites itself into decoration

For a few years, the large cut leaves of the Monstera have inspired many creators, who have made it a recurring motif in the world of interior decoration (a bit like the cactus!).
So, if you are absolutely allergic to green plants, all you have to do is find a wallpaper, a shower curtain, a tea towel, a cushion or a duvet cover covered with Monstera leaves, you will not have spoiled for choice! And in addition, no need to care for or water them ...