Words in the garden: make way for slates and signs!

Words in the garden: make way for slates and signs!

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What if we cultivate words in the garden? Sweet words, inspiring words, poetic words and funny words ... These varieties are not planted, but are written on a slate, engraved on a piece of wood or even invite on garden furniture … And when the leaves fall and the flowers become scarce, these words dress the garden with extra soul.

In the garden, we post a welcome message on a slate

Written in white chalk, a nice word of welcome immediately sets the tone. This garden is cultivated for others, and you are invited to enjoy it, even if you are just passing through. And do not believe that this type of slate is reserved for gardens open to the public, it can on the contrary be displayed at the entrance of any space cultivated with pride by its owner. And if this garden is on a balcony or a window sill, it's even better!

A joyful and benevolent message…

An inspirational quote

The garden is a place for meditation. By rediscovering the use of our five senses, we get deep into it while finally disconnecting streams of images that constantly scroll on our screens. It is therefore the ideal place to let go of our thoughts and gain height… So why not dress a massif with a quote that makes us think? * "The garden is philosophy made visible", Erik Orsenna. * "To make a garden, you need a piece of land and eternity", Gilles Clément. * "A garden, even a small one, is the door to paradise", Marie Angel. * "My body is a garden, my will is its gardener", William Shakespeare. * "Beauty is a wild garden", Anne Rice. * "It is more fun to make a garden than to contemplate paradise", Anne Scott-James. * "The end of the world and the bottom of the garden contain the same amount of wonders", Christian Bobin.

On a wooden or slate support, the message gets through…

A poem to read in the open air

Isn't the garden the best place to declaim poetry? Especially when poems slip into the landscape, written on a slate or engraved on a wooden board. And why not print your favorite poems on an A4 sheet, cover them with transparent plastic to protect them from the rain, and hang them on a tree branch? For hoeing or bubbling your head full of Alexandrines…

"The butterflies" by Gérard de Nerval…

A quirky or humorous message

If you don't have the soul of a poet, make your garden a place that invites you to smile with funny and offbeat messages! Invent names of alleys and roads (alley of nasturtiums, route of happiness), transform garden furniture (bench of lovers ...), divert local sayings or display false prohibitions. Besides, did you know that it was forbidden to trample dreams?

A nice ban on meditation!

Or simply the names of the varieties!

Finally, if you are a pragmatic gardener full of common sense, do not forget to sow labels in your garden to recognize the names of the varieties. These words will also be full of poetry for those who can read them with envy…

The names of the varieties, a real poem…