The cactus spices up the decor!

The cactus spices up the decor!

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Cacti for all tastes

Cacti of all shapes for compositions full of spice!  

In the large family of Cactaceae, there are all kinds of cacti with very different aspects. Slender or ball-shaped, large or small, light green or dark green, with long or short thorns, the varieties of cactus are numerous. But all of them have in common that they have perfectly adapted to living conditions in the desert areas of the world. Like all succulents, cacti store water in their tissues to withstand long weeks without water supply. But unlike other succulents, the cacti have adapted to drought by transforming their leaves into thorns to protect themselves from both the heat and unwanted caresses ... Not affected!

Cactus: how to cultivate it?

3 cacti = 6 drops of water every 3 weeks!  

The good news is that a plant that can withstand the drought of the desert is perfectly capable of surviving your living room, even if you regularly forget to water it. If you don't have a green thumb, the cactus is for you! On the other hand, if you are used to pampering your plants, you will have to learn to leave your cactus alone to prevent it from dying in too wet soil. In order for your cactus to flourish for many years at home, it needs excellent drainage and suitable soil. Use a drilled pot filled half with balls or draining gravel and half with special cactic earth. Place it near a window so that it benefits from the maximum possible natural light, and above all do not water it too much! Large models require only a very light watering per month in summer and barely a few drops every two months in winter. Small models are content with a few drops every two or three weeks ... Who says better? In summer, your cactus will enjoy going outside for a sunbath and enjoying the great outdoors. Start taking it out gradually at the end of spring, and above all don't forget to keep it warm in the fall.

The cactus in decoration: madly, passionately!

Flowers and a cactus for a yin and yang decor!  

The ease of maintenance of the cactus and its wildly exotic look make it an essential plant at home and in the office. Large models instantly wake up any interior and set the tone for the whole room. We love them in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hall, in the office or in a teenage bedroom. On the other hand, it is better to avoid placing them next to your bed if you want to have thornless dreams! Highlighted in a large rattan basket, a simple cactus will give your room a unique decorative personality, we promise. Lighter and easier to integrate into its decor, the small cacti mingle with a collection of succulents on a console or a fireplace and are posed throughout the house as desired to bring a little spice to a too wise atmosphere. How about we start a cactus collection?

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