When and how to clean your plaids and cushions?

When and how to clean your plaids and cushions?

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Source of warmth, comfort or charming decorative elements, plaids and cushions bring a final touch to your decor and a cozy note to your interior. There is no question of abandoning them when it comes to washing the various household textiles. Classic washing, dry or steam: each technique has its characteristics to gently clean your throws and cushions.

When to clean your plaids and cushions?

The first victims of our daily adventures, home textiles are subject to all kinds of tests. Coffee stains, perspiration or chemical perfumes, everyday life can mistreat these scraps of tissue that so often comfort us. Washing is essential three to four times a year ideally, to keep freshness and hygiene. Between each cleaning, we do not hesitate to use Mother Nature's tricks in order to repel the parasites and keep a pleasant smell. Here, bouquets of lavender and mint are your best allies: to spray on textiles once mixed with hot water. Spring fragrances and anti-mite effects will be there!

The cushions and plaids also strut in the bedroom to create a cocoon of softness.

Machine wash cushions and throws

Simple and effective, machine washing is perfectly adequate for your cushions or plaids provided you program a delicate cycle. For the cushions it is preferable, when possible, to remove the covers. In this case, you can add a few balls to the machine drum so that your cushions keep a plump shape.

We decorate the living room with a cozy touch thanks to the plaids and square cushions.

Steam clean your blankets and cushions

Steam washing is ideal for delicate textiles or bulky items. We use a device like the steamer to clean without damaging quickly! A technique that respects household linen more than the dry process: in fact, the latter can deteriorate your cushions and throws since it is not suitable for washing certain padding such as feathers. Also note that a steam cleaning helps to tighten the fibers - we iron the textiles carefully to give them a new breath.

If your cushions and throws are exposed outside, regular cleaning is essential!

A fragrant smell for your plaids and cushions

No need to empty the perfume bottle on its cushion so that it soaks up a pleasant smell. We favor here the gentle way to obtain a lasting result. A cloth perfumed with a few drops of essential oils slipped into the dryer and voila! The projected air then subtly diffuses the chosen essence on the textiles. Do you prefer steam cleaning? No worries, the trick also works if you pour a very light dose of oil in the water tank which is used for your steam appliance.