What color should I associate with my Easter decoration?

What color should I associate with my Easter decoration?

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Because Easter weekend is fast approaching, you are gradually gaining the desire to prepare the decoration of your Easter table. We give you some ideas to find the colors of your Easter table: fresh, tart, pastel or even bright… Here are some decorative inspirations!

An Easter table in spring colors

The Easter celebration takes place at the very beginning of spring: the grass turns green, the flowers begin to emerge from the ground and the first buds appear on the trees. it is therefore natural to draw inspiration from this color palette to make your Easter table . Soft green, lime green, pink, yellow and ecru are the essential colors to create a decoration of table in spring colors . For your centerpiece, you can opt for flowers such as daisies, tulips or even daffodils and daffodils which are in season. Catnip, synthetic grass or even moss will allow you to stage the Easter bestiary essential for your table decoration. Chicken, rabbit and eggs will go perfectly with this fresh and natural theme. It's up to you to choose the style and the material: porcelain, wood or cardboard. The garden will already be on your table!

A fresh and sweet Easter decoration with pastel colors

Easter: pastel colors on the table

The laughter of children looking for chocolate eggs in the garden, a happy family meal enjoying the first rays of sun: Easter seems to evoke a certain sweetness of life, both childish and family. What better way to sublimate it than a dress code that is both cheerful and full of tenderness? The pastel color , very trendy, have precisely this gift of combining the two at the same time. The idea? Mix all the tones together (pale pink, sky blue, bottle green, light yellow, lilac ...) both for the choice of plates, for the place mats as well as the flowers, the fabric knots, etc. Remember to paint your eggs with pastel colors. They will be an essential accessory of your pastel table decor : in small knitted nests or in vases to sublimate your flowers with soft colors. Pastel will appeal to young and old alike for this Easter day.

We love these trompe l'oeil cutlery! Not you ?

Easter with bright colors

The most festive can pick their ideal Easter decor from a highly colored swatch: red, navy blue, indigo, green, orange. You can dare the color on your Easter table ! Bright colors will either be highlighted in the choice of colored dishes, or in accessories and decor, to avoid overloading your table decor. You can for example choose white dishes and play with colors and patterns in small touches by wrapping your eggs in fabric with colorful patterns . Recalling the garden and the Easter bunny in a modern way is also possible, by choosing anise green plastic cutlery, orange paper towels, beautifully assembled and planted in a pot containing split peas or lentils. The illusion is perfect: they look like pretty carrots! The bright colors can be brought in by small touches using garlands of pennants hanging above the table, ribbons wrapped around the cutlery, a colorful tablecloth, funny little baskets, and finally by the painted eggs or in scattered chocolate, here and there, as a gourmet centerpiece.

A childish and colorful table decor, because Easter is also the feast of the little ones

It remains to wish you a happy Easter! Do not hesitate to share with us your Easter tables of all colors on our Facebook page or get inspired on our Pinterest account