A metal trunk for industrial decoration

A metal trunk for industrial decoration

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The good thing about the metal trunk is that there are many models, and in almost all possible sizes: you will therefore find the decoration trunk that meets your expectations and that will give your living room (or your bedroom, or any room in the house!) a little industrial touch. You will have the choice between:

  • The metal canteen, a vintage iron trunk whose use was formerly reserved for the transport of bottles and food. The metal storage trunk ultimate !
  • The colorful metal trunk : yellow, red, blue, green, black ... Perfect for adding flavor to your decor, it is particularly suitable for use in children's bedrooms as a toy chest.
  • The metal trunk with vintage inscriptions, whose serigraphs accentuate the authentic side: it looks like it has just arrived from a cargo ship!
  • The vintage metal trunk original, patina and worn by time, which gives it even more character!
  • The metal trunk on casters, which can easily be moved around the house.

With what to associate an iron trunk?

To succeed in setting up a industrial decoration at home, it's not enough to find a pretty metal trunk : you still need to know how to stage it in your interior! For example, if you want to sublimate your metal trunk and succeed in your industrial decoration, think of associating your trunk with solid wood pieces or furniture: the metal / wood or steel / wood contrast is indeed the perfect match of atmospheres industrial.

Similarly, to give a factory or workshop side to a room, in addition to the metal / wood alliance, do not hesitate to install large sleek mirrors: in addition to enlarging your space, they will give it a glass side or artist studio of the best effect!

2 trunks, 2 atmospheres: customize your metal trunk endlessly

Another benefit of the industrial metal trunkis that it can be personalized endlessly! If you find that the classic gray trunk is slightly lacking in fun, no problem: a little paint, a sticker or a stencil and presto, create a trunk of your dreams in a DIY workshop!

Likewise, by fixing casters under your metal trunk, you can easily transform it into a stylish and functional coffee table for your living room. And if you have several trunks (identical or different sizes), why not stack them on top of each other to create a bedside table for your bedroom or an original and trendy end of sofa for your living room?

Where to find your metal trunk?

Good news: to find the metal trunk that will bring an industrial side to your decoration, you are spoiled for choice! Already, between physical decoration stores and online decoration stores, you will have a very wide range of choices if you want to buy a new metal trunk

On the other hand, if you prefer the authenticity of a trunk that has already lived, give preference to online advertising sites, flea markets or even clearance sales: you will easily find vintage metal trunks at very attractive prices.