Mobalpa, a kitchen to live

Mobalpa, a kitchen to live

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The kitchen is today a living room. Today, it has become a room synonymous with conviviality, which reflects your personality and opens up to the rest of the house. We prepare meals there, but not only. Four out of five French people consider it a place of conviviality. But not always easy to make this new way of living coincide with the space constraints of your accommodation and those of your bank account. It is often a dream project for several years which must succeed in arriving in reality. There are the ideas spotted in magazines and the constraints of our space, hence the importance of the professional eye.

At Cléa for example, the non-negotiable basis was to have a real living space where circulation would be easy. In a limited and somewhat dark space, the kitchen designers propose to optimize the storage space by offering a 83 cm “Alto” ​​piece of furniture which is the highest on the market, on the worktop side, they opt for a height of 92 to 97 cm. with minimalist plinths and ensure optimal positioning of the cutting and preparation planes. Result? Perfect comfort that offers maximum storage possibilities.

If there was no room for a real central island, which is the current big trend in the kitchen, Mobalpa experts have circumvented the problem by proposing a high table, in the center, with a light structure. It can also be used as an additional worktop, gives an offbeat air to the kitchen and accommodates adults and children in a relaxed manner.

Finally they proposed the creation of a glass roof, to light his kitchen and open it to the rest of the accommodation. All the interest of the systematic home visit drawing board by hand, which allowed them to check live the structure of the walls to be sure that the partition could be modified. Calculate the amount of work and propose selected craftsmen to carry it out without blowing up the basic budget, as many services as Rémi Vallée and his teams offer in its two Mobalpa stores, in Vendôme (41) and Saumur (49), where you rediscover the brand's values.

Contact : Mobalpa Saumur, 4 roundabout Lucien-Méhel, Zone Ecoparc, 49400 Saumur Telephone: 02 41 59 80 88 Mobalpa Vendôme, 41 Rue du Bellay, 41100 Vendôme Telephone: 02 54 67 01 11