DIY: 8 ideas for decorating walls with masking tape

DIY: 8 ideas for decorating walls with masking tape

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When you don't have the possibility or the desire to paint, to put wallpaper or to pierce the walls, but you want to decorate them without taking the head, there is the creative solution of masking tape. Economic, easy to use and to change, the masking tape has it all! Here are our original inspirations to brighten up the walls of your interior!

Flock of birds

In the living room or in the bedroom, for a resolutely poetic decor, we fall for this flock of birds, masking tape version, which invites escape and daydreaming.


As a headboard, geometric shapes that overlap, made either directly on the wall or on a canvas, the idea is clever!

Trompe l'oeil windows

Create trompe l'oeil windows, to bring a creative touch to your interior or exterior, a real breeze!

Variable geometry

Making one of these masterpieces with variable geometry must require some patience but the result is very stylish!

Managerial staff

In the entrance, in the living room or in the office, we frame our postcards, our images, our photos with different masking tape rolls. It's easy, we don't pierce the walls and we have original frames, what more could you ask for?

World's map

The idea is well found, this map of the world produced in masking tape, can find its place above his bed or his desk, or in the living room. We can then, if desired, paste some souvenir travel photos.

Like wallpaper

What is fantastic with the masking tape is that you can really cover all the walls, as with these examples of geometric shapes or these small crosses. You might think it's wallpaper!

Masking tape to beautify

We also use masking tape to beautify the decor or home accessories. Here we hide an unsightly cable that goes up to the wall, by sticking green leaves on it or we highlight this mirror that we transform into a sun mirror just with masking tape!


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