Everything for an office that breathes!

Everything for an office that breathes!

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It is really easy to accumulate a lot of things, especially when working at home. Between the piles of files which are dangerously flickering, the papers, the mail lying around, the Post-it® and the office accessories… you do not know where to turn? Breathe, here are the decorating tips for a minimalist office.

We sort, for an office that breathes

To get a minimalist office who breathes, one watchword: organization. Decorative accessories, furniture, storage… It will be seriously necessary to sort, go to the basics and remove any object that has no place to keep a sober office. To start, focus on the choice of your furniture, and of course the office. So do not skimp on its quality because it remains the central element of your room. Also choose a comfortable chair, your back already thanks you. Then get to the basics: computer, desk lamp, notebook, pencil holder and folders. Keep the bare minimum for a breathing office at first sight. We validate!

A minimalist office is first and foremost the choice of refined furniture: simple and efficient!

Custom storage for a minimalist office

A clean office tidy is essential if you want to create a minimalist decor in your room. This is why it is essential to bet on functional storage to organize your daily work, and be productive! Think, for example, of camouflaged or more discreet storage systems such as drawers under the desk or the sliding shelves perfect for organizing your papers. Also, don't forget to use the wall space and ceiling height with shelves. You will not only save space, but it will also significantly ventilate your office area.

You will necessarily need storage. Again, think minimalism!

A palette of neutral and soothing colors

The choice of your color palette is also important if you want to create a minimalist office area . Like the Scandinavian countries, opt for sobriety by betting on neutral tones such as beige, shades of gray or pastel shades. Result: your room will be soothing in the blink of an eye, which is ideal for focusing and staying productive all day. Be careful however to avoid the total white look and rather favor a few touches of acid colors with your office accessories. You will bring contrast and a good dose of positive energy. At work !

For a minimalist style, favor raw colors ... but soft!

A sober and Zen office decoration

The decoration is essential to arrange a minimalist office area . The trick here is to opt for simplicity and above all not to overload the room both in terms of materials and colors. Also keep in mind that the choice of your decor will also depend on the space you have, the proportions of the room and its brightness. Prefer therefore 2 in 1 accessories: decorative and functional like desk lamps, stationery, storage compartments ... Respect and decline the color palette of your furniture and the room in general. Then add bouquets of flowers and some green plants (again without overdoing it) to bring personality to your office area. Simple, right?

Office corners decorated sparingly for an elegant look!