Create soliflorous bulbs

Create soliflorous bulbs

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1 small hacksaw Bayonet bulbs 1 small screwdriver Solvent 14/10 nickel silver wire 1 cutting pliers


5 'Sawing

Using the small hacksaw, cut the bulb at the level of the hook in the middle of the bayonet and remove the sawn part by pulling on it.

10 'Emptying

Carefully break the glass tube protruding from the bayonet and insert the small screwdriver into the neck, tilting it slightly, in order to break the glass tube in the center of it. Scrape the edge of the neck to remove the material used to seal and empty the bulb of its broken and dust.

5 'Cleaning

Using the solvent, remove the inscriptions on the bottom of the ampoule and wash it in soapy water.

5 'Introduction of the wire

Cut a length of about 30 centimeters of wire and twist it as shown in the sketch starting from the center of the wire. Introduce the wire thus formed in the bulb.


Keep your used bulbs throughout the year: the soliflore will be all the more economical.

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