How to preserve the privacy of a guest room?

How to preserve the privacy of a guest room?

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Do you want to arrange your guest room to provide a more personal and intimate space for your loved ones coming to visit you? By playing with furniture and decor, easily create a separate and warm space that will make your guest room a cozy cocoon!

Create an intimate space for your friends by playing with the furniture

Preserve the privacy of your guests yes, but what if the guest bedroom has been fitted in a corner of the living room? Do not panic, there are many decorating tips to create a warm guest bedroom space in a common room. Consider, for example, compartmentalizing the room during the stay of your loved ones with light furniture such as a screen, a wardrobe on wheels for their belongings or even a small library that is easy to move. An XXL headboard is not only a decorative asset, but can also act as a partition in the guest bedroom area. So many tips that will allow you to create a more intimate atmosphere in the room. We validate!

A screen to compartmentalize the room, and create a more intimate guest bedroom area.

Put decoration at the service of privacy

If you lack space to preserve the privacy of your guests with furniture, know that other solutions are available. For example, a pretty curtain, more or less opaque, depending on the effect you want to bring to the decor, can partition your space lightly without overloading the room. On the lighting side, think of the small bedside lamps in the guest bedroom space so that your guests can have a dimmed independent light and thus create a more cozy atmosphere. Finally, do not underestimate the power of green plants: they make the space warmer, help to compartmentalize the room and separate the corner guest room . You have carte blanche!

A nice curtain to lightly partition the space.

Think about the little touches that matter

So that your guests have a minimum of privacy in the guest room, make room first. We forget to fill the cupboards with clothes. Instead, leave the cupboards empty, ventilate the shelves and keep only the bare necessities on the bedside table. Your guests will be able to appropriate the space according to their desires. Don't forget to reserve a set of keys for them so that they can feel at home and move around freely. Don't skimp on the little touches in the guest bedroom. We think for example of the slippers, the towels delicately folded on the bed, the tray or the coffee table filled with small attentions like candles, cookies, a kettle, coffee, tea, scented soaps, as well as some books. Add a pretty bouquet of flowers and voila! The only risk? May your guests never want to leave again ...

Some little touches left on the coffee table are always welcome!