Makeover your kitchen furniture on a small budget

Makeover your kitchen furniture on a small budget

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Do you dream of having a new kitchen but you don't have the budget to change it entirely? You can no longer see in paint the furniture, the credenza, the worktop that are old, damaged, or outdated? Do not panic, you can completely revamp your kitchen with a small budget by taking inspiration from home staging practices.

Dressing up a kitchen: the work plan

If the worktop is tiled, you can repaint it with a special kitchen tile paint or cover it with a waxed concrete effect coating, which you will find in DIY stores. If your worktop is made of wood, you can give it a second life by sanding it and then applying special worktop oil. A last solution consists in resting on top of the old, a new work plan. What works for old kitchens because the height of the worktop is generally 85 cm instead of the standard 90 cm.

The resin is a good compromise to revamp the worktop.

Dress up a kitchen: paint or adhesive coating for kitchen furniture

If you want to repaint your kitchen furniture, don't take any paint. You need special renovation paint and above all prepare your support before painting it. For kitchen furniture in varnished, painted or melamine wood, which is repainted with a special acrylic paint or a resin paint, there is no need to sand. For an acrylic paint, count around 30 euros per liter, resin paint type Résinence is 3 times more expensive. If you really do not have the time and patience to paint your kitchen furniture and you have flat facades, without moldings, you can stick vinyl sticker on it. You will find your happiness in DIY stores or on the internet, the Like a Color or Vénilia brands offer a wide choice of colors and effects: plain mat effect, wood effect, printed effect, material effect,… Count around twenty d 'euros for a roll.

Paint, resin or self-adhesive vinyl, choose the suitable solution to revamp your kitchen furniture.

Dress up a kitchen: knobs and door handles

This may seem like a small detail for some but the handles of the furniture give a cachet and a style to your kitchen. Changing them is not only very simple but above all it is not expensive! Whether buttons or handles, you will find what you are looking for in a decoration store or on the internet. Count on average 5 euros per door handle.

Revamp a kitchen: household appliances

The white dishwasher and fridge are dull or tarnished and lack pep? We can opt for special household appliance paint but if you are afraid of getting bored, you can choose to stick adhesive stickers, masking tape or even magnetic plates. You can even put wallpaper to revamp your fridge!

A little masking tape or slate paint and your kitchen appliance becomes stylish!

Dress up a kitchen: the splashback

There are 4 options to revamp your splashback without having to break everything or install a new tile: * Special paint for tiles: inexpensive option * The coating of waxed concrete effect decoration: a little more technical but accessible and very industrial ’chic * Adhesive plates: very easy to apply * Printing plexiglass: a material very resistant to shocks Whatever option you choose, it is very important to clean your surface well before painting, applying the coating, to stick the adhesive plates or to fix the plexiglass.

Tired of the old-fashioned tiling of your credenza? The makeover solutions are numerous and economical.

Dress up a kitchen: the shelves, the sideboard, the kitchen table and chairs

You want to refresh this buffet, these chairs and this wooden table that look gray, there are several alternatives. To revamp your kitchen table, you can choose the legs or the top in a color that matches the color of your kitchen furniture. Regarding the chairs, we can vary the colors to give pep's. For kitchen shelves or the sideboard, you can also paint them, customize them with masking tape or even apply wallpaper.

Makeover of your kitchen furniture: we put on vitamin colors!

Dress up a kitchen: what color for what style?

It obviously depends on your tastes but also on: * The size of your kitchen * The layout of your kitchen * The brightness of the room * The style of your kitchen furniture (cupboards, table, chairs, sideboard, ...) The styles very popular for kitchens are the retro style, the industrial style, the country style, the Scandinavian or contemporary minimalist style. Choose one or two colors to revamp all of your kitchen furniture; according to these criteria above, and which are in harmony with all of your interior decoration. You can add pops of color with accessories, utensils and small appliances.

Limit yourself to 2 colors maximum (except black and white) to revamp your kitchen.