A collection of environmentally friendly lighting

A collection of environmentally friendly lighting

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Do you want to combine lighting, energy savings and respect for the environment? With lamps from the Seven brand, it's possible. Zoom on an eco-citizen range that lights up both inside and out.

Seven, a brand with a green attitude

Because lighting represents between 15 to 20% of a home's energy consumption, the Seven brand has chosen to change the game with very green lighting. More than a will, the brand has made this eco-citizen bias its signature and now offers a range of indoor and outdoor lamps. The concept ? 90% recyclable wall lights that resist humidity and bad weather to light us indoors and outdoors and that consume up to 5 times less electricity than conventional lighting. Green yes, but green and design: it's even better! That's good. The discreet and compact technological jewels signed Seven, are precisely declined in four different models which bring a real decorative touch to the house, the terrace or the garden. On the program: the Iguazu lamp in the shape of a pommel (€ 29.90), the Morocco lamp, a half cylinder pierced with holes in a design look (€ 36.90), the Ravine lamp with the look of a mini porthole ( 26.90 €), or the Snowball lamp, including a shell surmounted by a modern ball (39.90 €). To find out more, visit www.sevenlighting.com Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"