4 DIY to renew your interior at low prices

4 DIY to renew your interior at low prices

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It is not uncommon to want to change or improve your living space. But buying new furniture or completely redesigning a room can be expensive. The solution ? DIY. And yes ! Your hands are your strength so use them. Thanks to good ideas but also some good tutorials, you can renew your interior at low prices. Want to get started ? Here are 4 DIY!

I pallet, you pallet…

The verb "paleter" does not exist, or at least not yet. However, pallets are your friends to renew your interior. Thanks to them, you can create headboards, sofas, planters, coffee tables, shelves…. How to proceed ? The first step is to collect pallets from companies. Then you will very easily find tutorials to assemble the desired furniture. Once assembled, this piece of furniture should be sanded, treated and then if desired, painted or varnished.

A shelf in cases of wine

In all supermarkets and from wine merchants, you can collect wooden wine boxes. These are an ideal base for making small pieces of furniture. You can for example assemble them in order to create a shelf or even hang them on the wall to make wall decorations. In natural wood, these boxes can be painted. You can also add pieces of tapestry for a trendier and more personalized decoration. Furniture will easily find its place in all rooms of the house at a lower cost!

A practical and trendy green wall

We often say, plants are essential decorative elements. You can abuse it! Plants oxygenate the house and sometimes depollute the atmosphere. Flowers meanwhile bring color and good humor. Plants can also be useful. This is the case if you choose to put a green wall at home. This will be a practical and pleasant delimitation. To make a green wall, several options are available to you. You can attach cords that will be a link between the ceiling and the floor and hang small pots containing plants on them. You can also bet on climbing plants which will hoist themselves on pre-fixed wooden battens.

Restyled furniture

Furniture is expensive. Fortunately, this one can have a second life. With a little elbow grease, a minimum of investment and a pinch of good ideas, you can revamp any piece of furniture, including that of your great-great-aunt! For example, you can repaint furniture, change handles, add casters to it, and even cover it with adhesive. Ideas are not lacking ! Thanks to these tips, you can renew your interior without damaging your bank account. In addition, you can customize your decor and thus create an interior that suits you.