A chalet-style decor in the bedroom

A chalet-style decor in the bedroom

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In winter, we have only one desire: to stay at home and warm up by the fire, hot chocolate in hand. It is also the perfect time to bring a warm atmosphere to your decor. Dé gives you some cocooning ideas to create a chalet-style decor in an ultra-cozy room in your home: the bedroom.

Think of the candles for a chalet-style decor

The candlelight immediately creates a soft and cozy atmosphere. Even when extinct, they constitute a strong decorative element. In the bedroom, you can decline the candle in several ways: in discreet touch with one or two pretty candle holders for dim lighting, or on the contrary in accumulation, with candles of different sizes, colors and shapes, for a theatrical effect and comforting like a mini chimney fire. If you like room fragrances, don't hesitate to opt for a scented candle with winter scents, delicious like cinnamon or woody like fir.

Imagine a homemade trophy in your chalet-style room

Imagine your trophy in masking tape and dare to color! Who says chalet-style decoration, says nature atmosphere. In the mountains, it is not uncommon for deer or chamois antlers to decorate the fireplace. In the bedroom, one can completely bring this rustic side in a roundabout way, by imagining a trophy in colored masking tape for example. For this, you just need one or two rolls of this repositionable scotch tape, a pretty model, and you're ready to decorate your headboard with a sublime homemade reindeer!

Cover the chamber with warm rugs

Who does not like to wrap themselves in a soft fluff? Today, we are used to our soft duvet, and we no longer clutter up with sheets, comforters or bedspreads. However in winter, we would sometimes want an additional thickness. Do not hesitate to cover your bed with the cozy blanket in the living room, especially if it looks like faux fur, knitted blanket or mountain quilt. You can do the same for the cushion covers that decorate your bed!

Bring wood for a chalet-style decor

Furniture or a simple decoration made of wood and homemade to warm the atmosphere Wood in the room? What a funny idea ! And yet, it only takes a few touches of wood to warm the atmosphere of a room. For a cozy chalet atmosphere, you can divert a large piece of raw wood unearthed in the forest at night table or make yourself some candlesticks in sections of birch. If your room has an old fireplace, play the card of the chimney fire by stacking some logs nicely in the hearth. Guaranteed cocoon effect!

Take out the furs for a chalet-style bedroom

The fur brings a real chalet touch to the room. Often, we think of furs and animal skins for the living room, but rarely for the bedroom. And yet, in winter, nothing like a soft descent to start the day off on the right foot. On the ground, therefore, dare the animal skin rug (true or false, as you wish), ensuring that its color is in harmony with your decor. You can also bring some fake fur with a plaid, cushions or even by temporarily covering the chair or stool in the bedroom with a piece of imitation fur fabric.

Wink at nature

The pine cone offers resources for creative DIY! Sometimes it is enough to bend down to pick up the elements of your future decoration. Take advantage of winter and nature to create a personal and natural decor with an element reminiscent of the mountains and fir trees: the pine cone! You can personalize it by painting and bombing it, then using it for creative compositions like garlands or mobiles. If you are sensitive to odors, start making a winter potpourri with some beautiful pine cones and cinnamon sticks. With a few candles, fur, a reindeer head drawn on the walls and a touch of wood, your room looks almost like a typical chalet. You just have to imagine the snow outside!