A tidy teen bedroom

A tidy teen bedroom

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The teenage bedroom can quickly turn into a shambles if you do not choose practical and functional furniture so that they store their many belongings. Here are some tips for a tidy teen bedroom.

A compact room

To save space and therefore storage space in the teenager's bedroom, you can opt for a mezzanine bed which will allow you to integrate storage space under the bed. We can install a wardrobe like a wardrobe for young girls and a large practical chest of drawers for boys.

Headboard storage

To gain storage space, we optimize the headboard by choosing a model that includes drawers. The headboard will be ideal for storing sheets, winter blankets or linen for an extra bed when your teenager receives his friends.

Lockers for course stuff

If clothes take an important place in the life and in the room of a teenager, we must not neglect the business of course! Binders, notebooks, sheets and books should be kept neatly so as not to lose anything and save time in your work. We then opt for American school style lockers, for storage that is both decorative and practical.

Seats with storage

For practical and 2-in-1 storage, we choose stools and other seats that are actually storage lockers. Your teenage friends will have enough space to sit and your child will be able to store documents and other accessories inside the seat. A real good plan!

Storage under the bed

To make the best use of the available space, plan for storage boxes and other compartments that will prevent the stuffing of things under the bed. Opt for decorative covers, for a very urban style, and choose wheeled boxes for the practical side. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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