Tracing paper decorations: the practical notebook

Tracing paper decorations: the practical notebook

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Ordinary tracing paper itself presents variations. Thus, it can be found in sheets, in the form of sleeves, but also in rolls, more or less wide and more or less long. The grammage can be light, for thin paper, or heavier, for thicker paper. Grid tracing paper or millimeter allows precision work, but can also be used to give a "technical" aspect to a creation. It exists in pockets or in large format sheet. Colorful tracing papers are available in current tones: 739835 pastels or tart (blue, green, pink, red or turquoise), in fluorescent colors (yellow, orange, pink or green), but also quite simply in black and white. They offer a wide palette of colors, from the most tender to the darkest.

Metallic tracing papers have delicate gold, silver or iridescent reflections, but also exist in blue, pink or mauve. Textured tracing papers have damask patterns, lines or even grids. These last three categories exist in A4 format, and are then found in general stationeries (with letter papers), but are also available in large formats, in 100 or 200 grams, and you can then get them in fine stores. -arts and specialized stores.