How to choose a loft bed?

How to choose a loft bed?

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In the child's bedroom, the loft bed is a good alternative to make up for a lack of space, but also for a mixed bedroom. But, this piece of furniture is also ideal in a teenage bedroom because it allows you to have an office area directly integrated into the room, even in a small space. However, a mezzanine has nothing to do with a traditional bed, which is why you need to ask yourself the right questions before making your choice in store. Here are our tips.

What dimensions for a loft bed?

Naturally, we would tend to go towards high mezzanines in order to have a maximum of space below the sleeping area. But, you have to think that your child or your teenager will need to get up in bed, without banging their head on the ceiling! So you have to take the measures so that the furniture allows the child to stand in a seated position, with about ten centimeters left. Also remember to measure the sofa or office space located under the mezzanine, which must be able to accommodate your child in a standing position.

A loft bed with desk

The principle of the loft bed is to have a fairly substantial space under the bed, located high. This space can be transformed into a relaxation area for reading or chatting with friends. In this case, install a small sofa or a sofa bed there so that your child's possible friends can stay sleeping.

If you prefer to set up an office there to save space in the room, make sure that your child has enough space to work but also small storage to store his supplies and textbooks.

A foldaway loft bed

Notice to small rooms and small spaces! The foldaway loft bed is a good compromise because it allows you to unfold and fold up at bedtime. Use this type of furniture for a teenage bedroom rather than a child's bedroom and be sure to choose lighter materials such as metal.

Mezzanine bed and child safety

Like any tall unit, the loft bed presents a certain risk for the safety of children. Above all, never put a child under the age of six in a raised bed. Then, it is very important to educate your toddlers well in the precautions to take to go to sleep: do not run up the ladder, do not shake the mezzanine, etc. Choose a sturdy model, preferably fixed to the floor for the little ones, and a solid ladder also fixed to the bed for more safety.