The origami light, for poetic lighting

The origami light, for poetic lighting

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1. Flowered origami pendant light Gross Domestic Product € 55 2. Black Declik origami pendant lamp La Redoute € 119 3.Good origami boat shaped origami lamp Goodnight Light Baby wardrobe € 59.90 4.Akura Sentou pendant light from € 95 5 Knoonupple Snowpuppe gray paper ceiling rose on sale on Lightonline 19 € 6.Lamp turquoise blue Klimoppe Snowpuppe on sale on Smallable 165 € 7.Mendori Issey Miyake LED lamp for Artemide Price on request 8. Shima La Redoute Interiors pendant light 74, 99 € 9. Kura Habitat paper table lamp 29 € 10. Black pendant lamp Jeanette frauMaier 159 €

Unusual forms

Paper is often associated with light, for its lightness and transparency. Of Japanese or Nordic inspiration, worked in learned origami folds, or even crumpled for a more vaporous and poetic rendering, paper lights are particularly in vogue. And for good reason, they are made using an original material which allows them to take all kinds of forms. You can therefore give an unusual side to the children's room with a night light in the shape of a boat, energize a small entrance or even highlight a large living room with an original suspension.

Create a play of light

If some origami lights diffuse light like a traditional lamp, others have a very elaborate folding which directs the light differently and creates poetic shadows. This type of model is generally a table lamp that you can enjoy on a side table for example. It will give a Zen atmosphere to the room. In addition, some more modern light sources display original colors or floral patterns to clear the classic color of white paper.