Our tips for adopting velvet at home in style

Our tips for adopting velvet at home in style

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Velvet is a fabric that we love for its touch and for the warmth it brings to our interior. It is the shaved part of a fur or fabric. It has existed since the dawn of time, finally since the Persian Empire if we want to be more precise. Long gone from fashion, velvet is back in force. Here are all our tips for adopting velvet at home in style.

A velvet curtain in the entrance

In the entrance of the house, the velvet curtain is both decorative and practical. It is a good idea to place it at the entrance door, so the curtain hides a door that can be unsightly. At the same time, the curtain isolates the front door and warms the interior by its function as well as by its appearance.

The softness of velvet in the living room

If there is one room where velvet is welcome, it is in the living room. In this place dedicated to rest and cocooning, it is possible to place velvet cushions on the sofas, a velvet plaid to curl up there or even a velvet armchair or pouffe to multiply the seats in style. Of course, you can opt for velvet curtains. This money will find its place on windows, French windows or bay windows, but also as a room divider ... And if it helped you define the living room!

A touch of velvet in the bedroom

Like the living room, the bedroom is a room in which we like to be calm and serene. It is therefore also a space in which velvet has its place. You can find it on the decorative cushions or on the plaid. In the bedroom or in the dressing room of your master suite, you can also place a velvet armchair or even an ottoman and thus bring a little high-end touch!

A decorative asset in a girl's room

Do you want to make a beautiful decoration in your daughter's room? Velvet is your ally. Once again, we find it on the cushions, the plaids but also the curtains which could well transform a young lady's room into a stage of the Opera! Note however that a little boy can also take full advantage of the velvet thanks to XXL curtains or cushions on which he will sit to play.

The mistakes to avoid with velvet

Velvet is trendy again, but beware! It is preferable not to abuse this fabric in living rooms because it attracts dust. You can obviously put a few touches here and there for color! In general, velvet is not used in quantity. If you choose to put curtains, avoid also having the chair, the plaid and the dozen cushions. You risk making a trip to the past with your great-aunt.