Our selection of teapots, for perfect tea breaks

Our selection of teapots, for perfect tea breaks

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1. Mona Alinéa cast iron teapot € 34.99 2.Teapots for all styles There are as many teapots as there are different styles, for less than 35 euros. Suffice to say that there is no shortage of models to personalize for tea time. The cast iron teapots, typically Asian, give a Zen style to the snack while porcelain or ceramic models bring more elegance to the snack table. Of course, you can also find smaller devices, if you live alone, or several liters to be able to serve tea for the whole family. If you prefer modernity, electric teapots boil water automatically and avoid the purchase of an extra kettle, while the teapots will delight lovers of infusions and herbal teas before bed.

Do not be mistaken in the choice of material

Depending on the form of the tea (in a sachet, in bulk or soluble) but also on its nature (green tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc.), the infusion will not take the same time and will not require the same temperature. the water. In terms of materials, cast iron teapots are very resistant and can keep tea warm for several hours, but they are often quite heavy and cannot exceed two cups. Models made in the ground better retain the aromas of tea as it is brewed, but it is not recommended to brew many different teas since they keep a deposit of tannin after each use. When made of ceramic or porcelain, the teapots are adorned with more decorations and colors and are quite robust while the glass teapots are more fragile but allow you to watch the tea brew.