How to get rid of old furniture?

How to get rid of old furniture?

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At a time when fashions are constantly evolving, many of you very often change furniture and decoration. But getting rid of your old furniture isn't always easy! So to avoid the sidewalks of cities, here are some solutions to make room for your new decor.

The transformation

Before you get rid of your furniture, why not try to transform it? You can paint them in a different color, cover them with wallpaper or another material ... You can even transform your washing machine drum into a coffee table!


For many years now, associations have been collecting your furniture and objects that you no longer want to clean, repair them if necessary and resell them at low prices to people who do not always have the means to afford new products. This is the case of Emmaus, Secours Catholique, Secours Populaire, etc. This type of approach creates jobs and a parallel economy that banishes waste!

The Ressourceries

The Ressourceries collect a multitude of objects in an ecological but also ethical approach by allowing the reintegration of people in difficulty. This network collects, sorts and repairs objects in order to use them again. In the case of excessively damaged items, the Ressourcerie will direct them to recycling.

The sale

Second-hand sales are now part of our daily life! You can go to one of the many sales outlets that offer the sale of your objects or even participate in a garage sale. You can also put your items for sale directly on the Internet via dedicated sites and classifieds sites. If you don't like your furniture anymore, it can make someone else happy. And you avoid waste!

The recycling center

If you think your furniture is too damaged to be recovered, be aware that cities have recycling centers that allow you to throw away objects and furniture that are too bulky or that do not match the nature of your trash. When you drop an object in a recycling center, you can be sure that it will follow the right waste treatment cycle. Choosing a recycling center is as ecological as recycling. If you do not have a car, be aware that the city provides a free bulky item removal service at your home. For this you must report by telephone or the Internet that you have bulky objects (maximum 3 m3) to have removed. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"