How to install floating parquet: mistakes to avoid

How to install floating parquet: mistakes to avoid

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Parquet is not difficult to lay

Contrary to popular belief, parquet is not not difficult to ask. You should know that there are several categories of more or less complex poses regardless of the type of parquet. The most common and simplest is floating installation. The parquet is thus neither nailed nor glued but assembled by interlocking and stays in place thanks to its own weight. This pose requires no special skills or tools, that's why you can do it yourself, without the help of a professional.

Blades should not be parallel to the window

The layout of the parquet depends on configuration of your room. You should know that we choose the orientation of the slats according to the natural light sources. So, parquet boards should not be parallel to your main window. Similarly, if a room is rectangular, you must follow the shape of the room and place the boards along the wall so as not to stop looking.

Don't skimp on the quantity

Even if the calculation of parquet necessary to parquet your room is correct, it is preferable to'' increase your needs by around 10%. Buying parquet with a small margin will help to deal with installation problems. If you have any blades left, you can use them during renovations to change a few damaged blades. Better to plan more parquet than to run out to finish the room.

Don't forget to prepare the soil

Just because the laying of the parquet floor is simple does not require a minimum of preparation. Know that it is imperative that your soil is dry, healthy, clean and above all flat ! Moisture could damage the solid parquet. Your floor must be clean and healthy because if it is not the case, the parquet may not stick. Finally, to be able to lay the parquet easily, the floor must be flat to prevent the parquet from sagging and damaging over time.