Lighting your office well

Lighting your office well

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Lighting your office well is essential, not only to facilitate your work but also for your health. Poor lighting can cause fatigue, eye irritation and headaches. But with a few simple tips and well-chosen lamps, you will enjoy a space conducive to work and serenity!

A well-lit office for easier work

The first rule to respect is to distribute the lighting evenly in order to minimize the differences in brightness. Be aware, for example, that lighting from the ceiling causes unpleasant areas of shadow that can cause migraines. If natural light is always to be preferred because no artificial lighting can dethrone it, install one or more auxiliary lamps to light you when you work.

Details to remember

In addition to the decorative aspect, do not neglect certain essential points when choosing your lighting. Thus the luminous flux, the lifespan, the color rendering index and the color temperature must be taken into account to offer you optimal comfort.

Economical and practical: the advantages of LED lighting

The LEDs are full of quality to light up your office. Their lifespan can reach 50,000 hours, so they are particularly economical in the long term. But this is not their only asset. Indeed, they do not produce heat and are comfortable for the eyes. Position the head of your lamp 40 cm from your work surface and on the opposite side of the writing hand. Remember that it is useless to light up your computer since the screen itself is a light source. Finally, do not hesitate to multiply the light sources in order to adapt the brightness to the task performed.