How to optimize your entry?

How to optimize your entry?

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Coat racks, baskets, shoe cabinets, mirrors… Tips and low prices will make everyday life more practical but also prettier!

We occupy the back of the door

Once closed, the front of the front door can be used to support many things. No need to be a do-it-yourselfer to equip yourself because several new items are installed directly via small hooks on the top of the door. mirror (LOST) or coat hooks (LYNA) available in several colors. You can buy as many as you want in one color or play the mismatched style for a more pop atmosphere. On the ground, do not hesitate to ask a pretty doormat and put a poster on the wall (fine art or street art style). Good humor is contagious!

We divert the lockers

Often confined to the rooms of the youngest, the lockers are also a good way to store shoes, scarves, scarves and other accessories lying around in an entryway. Cheerful and colorful, they give a warm touch to a part of the house often devoid of style. Spotted this season at Alinéa: metal lockers to superimpose at will along the wall; or shelves that can be used as they are or decorated with fabric basket baskets. Practical and above all aesthetic, they come in different colors or prints in order to play the fun card. Finally, whether you are big or small, a small booster seat is always welcome to put on your shoes. So we fall in love with the poufs and other light stools dressed in cheerful fabric!

We accessorize galore!

Finally, because it sets the tone in an interior, it is important not to neglect the entrance, but above all to give it a real welcoming role . Pretty colorful rugs of all sizes (round, rectangular) to guide inward, cheerful wall clock (ELLY), playful framed posters (WORDS), small console to deposit keys or mail (PASTEL) and other practical accessories: coat hooks, shoe cabinets (CROCO, LOFTER, MALIBU)… We think functionality and good humor above all! Now it's up to you to compose the entrance decoration according to your tastes!

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