Store smart, store under the bed!

Store smart, store under the bed!

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The storage under bed are THE solution to optimize the smallest space in your apartment or studio. It's up to you to decide whether you want integrated storage or boxes to slide under the bed…

Integrated storage under the bed

Often unused, the space under the bed offers a real space saving for the decor of the room. Practical, storage drawers built-in stores clothes, books, bulky items, quilts and a thousand other things without losing space. Demonstration with the white ECLIPSE bed with drawers in a sleek look. His two storage drawers spread over the entire surface of the box spring (140 x 200 cm) to create an extension of the cabinet discreetly. Perfect for those who like to organize their storage space according to the seasons. Neatly stored, protected from dust, your laundry and accessories are out of sight but always close at hand. Tidying up becomes so simple…

Storage to slide under the bed

You do not intend to change beds but understand well optimize the storage of your bedroom ? Think about drawer chests and other storage boxes to slide under the bed! With their format adapted to your bedspread, the MODULAR storage boxes allow you to take advantage of the vast storage potential hidden under the box spring. They are available in several sizes, with a capacity of 5 to 140 liters! Sheltered under their plastic cover, your out-of-season clothes can hibernate away from moisture dust. Need to get your hands back on your sports shoes? Just pull the handle and your box, with its four casters, slides effortlessly towards you. It remains to identify your shoes through the transparent wall of your boxes specially designed for easy viewing of the content. You have become an absolute expert in the art of storage!

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