Tundra'Box, a vegetable solution for the roof

Tundra'Box, a vegetable solution for the roof

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Part of the sustainable development movement, green roofs are gradually appearing in cities. Often reserved for professionals or public buildings, there are however solutions for individuals. The Tundra'Box is one. A benchmark for more than 20 years in the field of roof greening, Supranature innovates and offers the Tundra'Box. The idea? Green urban roofs and terraces quickly and easily. The Tundra'Box, with dimensions of 60x30 cm, can be chosen either concrete or steel. It is lined with various plants representative of the tundra. Its various internal structures allow a temporary rainwater retention system, which prevents flooding. On the practical side, the Tundra'Box has been designed for simplicity of installation (but it is professionals who install it). The box system allows quick installation and a uniform result once the drop sides have been removed. Finally, remember that in addition to the obvious ecological contribution, the green roof regulates the temperature of the house, retaining heat in winter and cool in summer. The Tundra'Box costs between 45 and 75 euros depending on the surface and the geographic location of the site.


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