60 years of the Ikea catalog

60 years of the Ikea catalog

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The Ikea catalog celebrates its 60th anniversary this year! Expected by 400 million readers worldwide, distributed in 39 countries, available in 61 editions and translated into 29 languages, the Ikea catalog is teeming with ideas and inspirations for interior design.

How is it made?

This catalog "phenomenon" is created in Älmhult in Sweden, by the department "communication" of the brand. For 5 months, a large team of carpenters and decorators recreated for this 2011 edition nearly 260 room layouts in 8,000 m² of photo studio. The result: around 4,000 photos to find in the catalog pages. To adapt their communication from one country to another, a team of interior designers travels all over the world to find out the specific desires and expectations of each culture.

And the impact on the environment?

The Swedish giant is well aware of its share of responsibility and its impact on the environment. He tries to limit them and so, last year, the catalog format was reduced. Carbon dioxide emissions have therefore been reduced. In addition, the IKEA catalog was the first global color publication to be printed on chlorine-free paper.