Kitchen displays color

Kitchen displays color

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With the Mix et Moi program, Alinea helps you to offer a colorful makeover to your kitchen: furniture, appliances, utensils, it's your turn!

Boost your kitchen with colorful touches…

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is an ideal place to show eccentricity ... You are not in the mood to venture into the total colorful look? Do not panic. A few splashes of color on a painted wall , stools or some kitchen accessories enough to enhance the decor of your kitchen without making it blush. Need a demonstration? Match the neutral tones of a kitchen to be composed from the RIMINI range to a wall with an olive green or lemon yellow bias and delight in an energizing and surreptitiously stylized effect. We love this simple way to bring good humor into the kitchen with a simple brush stroke.

… Or embark on a total radical look!

A touch of daring? Bet on a kitchen with a total colorful look. Freshly trendy, this style of cooking awakens the decor of your interior while ensuring a good dose of good humor in the dining area ... but also motivation to cook like a chef! Bright and trendy, the kitchen dressed in bright red catches the eye as much as it sets your home apart. Purple and duck blue give Warhol and electric accents to your kitchen. More delicate, pastel shades are preferred for a chic and refreshing look. A few touches of almond green, sky blue or pale pink are sometimes enough to give a healthy glow to your decor.

The Mix and Match trend

Intrepid people already try their hand at the art of mix and match , which consists of mismatching and mixing elements and colors. A trend that also invites itself in the kitchen with the range ALISTRAT, integrated into the customization program Mix and Me Alinéa. On the menu ? 14 colors to combine and harmonize for an interior that suits you. To help you ? 3D design software to compose your own kitchen! The right idea? Combine a dominant color with a complementary color and neutral tones. To enhance a blue kitchen e, bet for example on one or two red cupboards, integrated here and there randomly and associate the whole with an anthracite gray or taupe splashback. And now take a step back and open your eyes ... You discover the meaning of the expression "a kitchen that throws " !

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