5 tips to degrease your kitchen furniture

5 tips to degrease your kitchen furniture

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In the kitchen, the furniture faces severe tests. Between splashes of cooking oil and traces of food, kitchen furniture must be carefully maintained to prevent it from being damaged. We give you all our advice on how to do away with grease stains. Discover 5 tips for degreasing your kitchen furniture.

1. Baking soda

Again and again, baking soda is a great household ally that everyone should have at home. Because it has the particularity of being abrasive, this miracle product is effective in removing the grease encrusted on kitchen furniture. In practice, it is sufficient to moisten it and spread it over the surface of the furniture. Then, rub gently and rinse with a clean sponge and voila! The good news ? Baking soda is also an excellent antibacterial! What protect your kitchen furniture against microorganisms that proliferate on the surface.

2. White vinegar

Due to its antibacterial and degreasing properties, white vinegar is perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and degreasing kitchen furniture. And that's not all, it also helps neutralize bad odors! For the most effective result, boil your white vinegar with water (in equal quantities) then pour the mixture into a spray container. Good to know: apple vinegar has properties similar to white vinegar. It is therefore an excellent alternative when you do not have both types of vinegar at home!

3. Vegetable oils

What if you used vegetable oil to remove oily stains from your kitchen furniture? Although strange, this tip could not be more effective and this, especially on wooden furniture! You can, for example, opt for coconut oil or sunflower oil. Use a clean cloth that you moisten lightly with oil and gently wipe the surfaces of the furniture with circular movements. For lacquered kitchen furniture, nothing like linseed oil! Mix flax oil with equal parts of turpentine and flour and you will get an effective natural degreaser!

4. Lemon

It is well known, lemon is a natural cleaner with super powers! It is not for nothing that it is found in many household products. So take advantage of what nature offers us especially when you know that in addition to being ecological, lemon is economical! To use it as a degreaser, dilute the juice of two lemons in a liter of water and then rub your furniture with a sponge before rinsing. A tip that you can apply in any room of the house! Because, beyond being degreasing, lemon is also a natural whitening, disinfectant and deodorant product.

5. Baking powder

When not cleaned in time, traces of food left on the surface of kitchen furniture can harden. Result? They are much more difficult to remove. If the fat spots form thick, encrusted layers, baking powder is ideal for creating a mild stripper. As with the rest, the trick is to mix baking powder with water to create a thick paste to rub with a clean cloth.