The Russian doll inspires decoration!

The Russian doll inspires decoration!

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The Russian doll, plump with pink cheeks, also called "Matryoshka", is available on our everyday objects. On the occasion of the year of Russia in France, we offer a selection of decorative objects inspired by the famous Slavic doll.


Traditionally, Russian dolls are small good women of decreasing size, placed one inside the other. We find this idea with the stickers "Russian doll" of the site (17 euros - 30x56 cm) or (52 ​​euros - 95x32 cm).


The designers also imagined the matryoshka on our cushions, to brighten up our decor! This is the case of the Let Lucie Faire brand with its "Mockba" and "Baboushka" models (32 euros - 40x40 cm) and Bonjour Mon Coussin with its Moscow 2 cushion (44 euros - 47x47 cm).

Table art

Tableware is no exception to this trend with in particular a ceramic salt and pepper shaker (Wanted, 10 euros), nestable dosing glasses (Les Fleurs, 14 euros), nesting glasses (Les Fleurs, 24 euros) ...

And also…

You can also find the famous doll on tea boxesKusmi Tea (11.70 euros for a 125 g metal box), on slates to hang (66.90 euros) or on Louis XVI medallion chairs (Leave Lucie Faire, 750 euros).