What travel memories to perfect your decor?

What travel memories to perfect your decor?

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Whether you have the soul of a frequent traveler or that of a collector, you generally like to bring back a memory of your wanderings. Whatever the place, there is no shortage of tourist shops, full of magnets, key chains and other trinkets in the colors of the country visited. In addition to the kitsch side and catch-nigaud of this type of object, they are generally products “made in PRC” ie made in China… Not very typical after all! So to avoid being tricked, you might as well turn to manufactured products of local and artisanal origin. What if, to combine business with pleasure, we took advantage of this trip to bring back a trendy object? What are the best destinations to find the latest trendy decoration? Whether you have desires of east or west, there is bound to be a decorative destination that suits you. On the way for a little trip around the world in search of the best vacation memory.

Shopping in the United States?

Going on vacation to the United States can also be an opportunity to draw inspiration from the latest decoration trends. You can leave behind the bitter memory of Saturday afternoons spent in the alleys of the Swedish giant Ikea and start to dream a little in front of apartments and houses with very American styles. And for that, nothing like visiting a few decoration stores during his stay in the United States. There are certainly plenty of good reasons to visit the USA, and being inspired by the American "way of life" is a good example. The variety of landscapes and cultures is one of the strengths of the United States, and inevitably it is felt at the level of many inspirations that you can find there. This goes, of course, through decoration.

After having settled some formalities, such as ensuring that his passport was valid, booking airline tickets and filling out his esta request online , we can fly with a light heart towards the country of Uncle Sam, and see what is being done in matters of decorative trends on American soil.

You can't escape the Swedish decoration and furniture giant in the United States, it's a fact. But there are actually a lot of other different decoration stores, and that's good. This means that you can, as it were, find as many trends as there are stores. If you intend to expatriate one day in the USA, a little visit beforehand can be a good way to get an idea of ​​the decoration of your future at home, for example. And there are a few American stores that are clearly worth a look.

Among the great classics, we can for example go to Home Depots & Lowe's . It is, in a way, the Leroy Merlin of the United States. For bedding, it is possible to take a tour of the Mattress Firm, for example. As for purely electronic purchases, the Best Buy chain seems to be ideal. For the rest, most of the "supermarkets" also offer decorative items for small budgets. One can quote, with the shovel, Walmart, Super Target and others Cotsco.

In Portugal: cork and azulejos

© Journal des femmes / And why not Coline Visiting Lisbon for a few days? If you are looking for a souvenir to bring back in your suitcases, 2 options are available to you. First, the cork, a material from the bark of cork oak, is a typical product from Portugal. In addition, it is a 100% eco-friendly material ! From the traditional Alfama district to the very alternative LX Factory, you can find it in all its forms. Placemats, trays, vases, lamps, stationery, purses, bags, shoes… Waterproof and resistant , it even exists in other colored variants, such as at Black Cork. Surprising isn't it? Second option: the azulejos! You have undoubtedly noticed them ... These are the many hand-painted earthenware tiles found on the facades. From Lisbon to Porto, there are many colors. To display sparingly in the decor to avoid overdose… There are also pretty planters composed of these tiles. Very trendy with a beautiful succulent plant!

Shopping in Spain: fans and hippie crafts

© Ibiza Boho Girl After the land of sardines, it's the turn of the one who saw the birth of Flamenco. And to bring a little piece of Spain home, nothing better thana beautiful traditional fan ! Glamor and functional accessory at the same time, we appreciate it to face the summer heat. Coming from a thousand-year-old craft, we no longer hesitate to hang it on the wall like a real work of art. It is probably in Andalusia, the Flamenco region, that we find the prettiest. But if you continue on your way to the Mediterranean, you can find many other memories in tune with the times. Direction the Balearics this time, on the mythical island of Ibiza . If you are looking for a bohemian chic atmosphere for the decor of the living room, go to the town of San Carlos. Every Saturday, the huge hippie market in Las Dalias open their doors. Inaugurated for the first time in 1985, there is something new like vintage. Plaids, carpets, cushions, jewelry, local clothing and flea… We like to stroll through the colorful alleys with a relaxed atmosphere. Between floral dresses, patchouli, folk music and “peace and love” discussions, we wander in search of a treasure. What if we come across a descendant of Jim Morrison?

A bit of history in Greece and the Middle East: glass amulets

© Anatolia Dreams If we see it a lot in Greece as in the Middle East, we find it mainly in Turkey. The Nazar Boncuk, “lucky charm” eye is a protective amulet. Handcrafted on the edge of the Aegean Sea, it consists of glass pastes colored. Sometimes associated with a braid of macrame, we like its bi-material look. According to ancestral belief, it is supposed protect from the evil eye and harmful energies. From Athens to Istanbul, it is absolutely everywhere! Above the front door, in the car, at the office ... To be effective, it must be purchased by someone with good intentions. If it breaks, don't panic! It is said that it has fulfilled its “mission”: that of protecting its owner by absorbing negative energies. All you have to do is repeat the trip to replace it. This is a ready-made excuse for having to go back!

Walk in Indonesia: Bali bags

© Kinilush Twicy Store You've probably seen it on the arm of fashionistas this summer… The Bali bag, a true fashion phenomenon, is on the rise! Discovered at the beginning of last summer, this round bag in natural fibers is originally from Indonesia. Completely handcrafted, the authentic Bali Bag is only found on the island of Bali … And yes ! With its leather strap and its inner lining in traditional batik fabric , it's a real favorite. Whether you use it on a daily basis or decide to hang it on the wall as decoration, great success guaranteed! As for the history of its manufacture, it is no less interesting. First, know that a real Bali bag requires several working days . In some areas that cannot make a living from tourism, it can feed many families ! It is made not from rattan but from the stems of a variety of climbing fern. Once the bag is woven, the bag is then baked in an oven to gain strength. After a little rest in the fresh air, the strap and the lining are then added to it. And that's the job! So, does that tell you?

Holidays in Papua New Guinea: shell plastrons

© Howne We continue our world tour always further east… This time, head to Papua New Guinea! This Pacific country, neighboring Australia, is particularly known for its tropical landscapes and tribal culture. But have you ever heard of amazing traditional papuan necklaces ? Originally reserved for tribal chiefs, their purpose was to show the power and wealth of their owners. Handcrafted , these necklace are the proof of a precise and refined craftsmanship. They are generally composed of shells, finely woven rope or even feathers . Superb souvenir, it will give your decor airs from the end of the world!

Tourism in Mexico: ikat rugs and Aztec cushions

© The General Merchant Mexi-ii-cooooo !!! Have you planned a short trip to Mexico? What luck ! This destination is full of must-have decor. When writing dé, we love the beautiful carpets Ikat. You know, those very special patterns that seem to be found in weaving? This is probably due to their manufacturing process. Know that the ikat patterns are the result of cotton yarns that have been knotted, dyed and woven after being untied . Impressive isn't it? Nothing like a nice carpet in warm colors to brighten up the living room. And if we add a few aztec cushions to the decor. They will be perfect on your sofa, for a 100% chic ethnic decor!

Visit Morocco: Decorated baskets and Berber carpet

© Julia Robbs Ah, Morocco ... Between lush secret gardens and large desert areas, this is a country that never ceases to surprise us! And if you take advantage of a little tour in the sun to flush out a magnificent berber carpet Beni Ouarain ? Nicknamed the “king carpet of Morocco”, it is made with the wool of a breed of Berber sheep called “Marmoucha”. These sheep producing little wool, these authentic carpets are rare and very popular . Generally white or ivory, they are decorated with geometric patterns such as diamonds or triangles. Originally designed to insulate Berber tents from the cold, they are now found in the most beautiful ethnic or Scandinavian interiors. We love !

Adventure in Cameroon: juju hats and wax fabric

© Imaneka We continue our journey a little further south to land at Cameroon . In this country of a thousand landscapes and colors, we immediately fall in love with the fabric wax! In the spotlight for several years already in the world of fashion, it is also very appreciated in our interiors. This fabric has established itself as one of the symbols of Africa . We love its vibrant colors and the geometry of its patterns. At the manufacturing level, the print is made on a cotton canvas using shoe polish . Cushions, lampshades, baskets, poufs… The wax is determined to make you crack it looks! And if you prefer a lighter decoration, do not hesitate to look at the side of Juju Hats, these incredible feather headdresses with an aerial look ... For a very soft decoration! So, have you found your next vacation destination? And why not go around the world?